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BWE BLE Two Stage Gearbox Pinwheel Gear Speedometer Reducer

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BWE BLE Two Stage Gearbox Pinwheel Gear Speedometer Reducer

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BWE BLE Two Stage Gearbox Pinwheel Gear Speedometer Reducer



Product Description:


cycloidal pin wheel speed reducer is a novelty transmission machinery. 

1. It adapts K-H-V less differential gear epicyclic transmission principle and cycloidal pinwheel meshing.  

2. All transmission device of epicyclic cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer can be divided into three parts: 

input part, slowing down part and output part.

3. The input shaft is installed a dislocation 180° double eccentric locking collar that is installed two roller 

bearings. It forms H mechanism. The central hole of two cycloidal wheels is just the roller table of tumbler 

bearing at eccentric locking collar. Meanwhile it is meshed with one group of pin wheel arranged in ring shape

 at cycloidal wheel and pin wheel in order to consist of less differential gear inner meshing speed-down 

mechanism [in order to reduce friction, the pin tooth has sleeve of pin tooth at speed reducer with small speed


4. When input shaft brings eccentric locking collar to rotate one cycle, because of the characteristic of tooth

 profile curve at cycloidal wheel as well as it is limited by up pin tooth of pin wheel, the motion of cycloidal

 wheel becomes a plane motion with revolution and rotation. When the input shaft rotates clockwise one cycle,

 the eccentric locking collar rotates one cycle too. The cycloidal wheel will rotates one differential gear at 

opposite direction and the speed-down can be got. By means of W output mechanism, the low velocity rotation 

5. motion of cycloidal wheel will transmit to output shaft through axis pin and lower output velocity can be got.



Features :


1, cycloid reducer big reduction ratio, high efficiency: a reduction gear ratio is 9~87, the two-stage reduction gear ratio is 121 ~ 5133, multistage combination can reach tens of thousands, and the needle tooth meshing line type rolling friction, the meshing surface no relative sliding, so a reduction efficiency of 94%.

2, pin wheel reducer smooth running, low noise: the teeth contact at the same time when in operation, the coincidence degree high, stable running, strong overload capacity, low vibration and noise, a variety of models, small noise.

3, the use of reliable, long life: because the main part is made of high carbon alloy steel quenching (HRC58-62), and then grinding, and cycloid gear and pin gear set mesh transfer to the pin gear form rolling friction pair, friction coefficient is small, so that the meshing zone no relative sliding, wear small, so durable.

4, compact structure, small volume: compared with other reducer with the power of the above weight, small volume 1/3, as is the planetary transmission, the input shaft and the output shaft in the same axis, in order to obtain the smallest possible size



Applications :


It is widely used for driving and slowing down device in the fields of textile, printing and dyeing, light industry,

 foodstuff, metallurgy, mines, petroleum, chemical, hoisting and transport as well as engineering machinery, etc.



Our Services:  


1.  Professional engineers for your design, drawing, ensure the quality of production if non-standard products. 


2. Have many years of production experience.

3. We are manufacturer, has the independent right to export, price better, can control the quality and delivery time.

4. The photos and films of production process will be reported to you.  

5. The Warranty period is 12 months. 


About us:


Changzhou Zhuoer Reducer Equipment Co.,Ltd. specializes in production of worm reducers. The company produces high-quality and high-reliability reducer products and is devoted to becoming the best reducer equipment manufacturer of China, and providing enterprises of China with the most excellent reducer system solutions and product service.

 The main products of the company are Zhuoer reducers. Its products include BX cycloidal pin gear reducers, R.S.K.F helical gear reducers, WJ reducers, WP cast iron worm wheel reducers, MB miniature cycloidal reducers, RV aluminum alloy reducers, MB stepless reducers, SWL screw rod reducers, ZSY hard tooth surface reducers, SCW arc-contact worm reducers, T helical gear steering gears, small gear motors, elevators, etc, which are widely applied to numerous industries such as metallurgy, packaging, textiles, plastic machinery, chemicals and electrical machines.

 The company is one of main suppliers of enterprises in surrounding areas, such as Changzhou Reducer Integral Plant Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Reducer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Welcome to contact us. 




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