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600V 65uF Film Capacitor,Metallized film DC filter capacitor

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600V 65uF Film Capacitor,Metallized film DC filter capacitor

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Product Details

Detailed Introduction:

Non-inductive winding with metallized polypropylene film, special metal spray, flame retardant mylar tape encapsulation, flame retardant epoxy potting, tin plated copper wire, copper sheet or copper nut terminal.

(1) small size and large current

(2) low temperature rise

(3) low stray inductance

(4)long lifetime

Widely used in UPS, small power inverter, inverter, plating power supply, inverter welding machine, induction heating power for dc filter.

Technical Data:

Reference: GB/T17702,IEC61071

Capacitance: 1~150uf

Capacitance Tol.: +-5%(J),+-10%(K)

Voltage: 400V.DC~1600V.DC

Operating Temp.: -40C~85C

Storage Temp.: -40C~85C

LifeTime: 30000h

Metallized Film DC Filter Capacitor General Specifications:




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