2015 professional hifu for wrinkle removal system

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2015 professional hifu for wrinkle removal system

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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound(HIFU) Technology 
10000 shots HIFU transducer 
deeper to SMAS layers 
Younger 5-10 years 

 xglaser factory hifu high intensity focused ultrasound hifu

A.Treatment to dermis layer and SMAS layer at once use of high strong ultrasound

B.Immediate result for tightening and lifting right after treatment with HIFU handle

C.Has accurate and uniform dot for safe and effetive

D.Non invasive treatmetn for daily life

E.Fast scanning speed and 8 inch color full touch screen for easy operation





It uses microfocused ultrasound to precisely heat tissue at multiple depths
            without affecting the surface of the skin,building new collagen to lift and tighten the skin gradually,
           naturally, and from the inside out. The result is a multi-dimensional lift that begins at the skin foundation.

It involves applying focused ultrasound deep below the surface of the skin to initiate the body’s own natural repair process and promote new collagen growth over time. For a younger, fresher, more rested look, this non-invasive process with no downtime gives immediate results that when combined with occasional maintenance can last for five years or more.



Technical Advantages


1).ONLY technology with FDA approval for non-invasive tissue lift for the face, neck and submental

2).No downtime

3).No foreign substances

4).No radical change

5).Just a healthy revving-up on the inside for a natural

6).Noticeable effect on the outside.

7).The natural process of creating new, more elastic, collagen




Application areas


1.Tightening and rejuvenation
2.Peripheral orbital wrinkle reduction
3.Jowl lifting( firming of the face,neck,cheeks,and jawline )
4. Nasolabial fold reduction
5.Malar augmentation

6. Eyebrow Lifting

HIFU VS Laser & RF

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) was applied deep into the skin, creating heat that tightens

the deep layers such as Dermis, border between Dermis and Subcutaneous Layer,
Subsctaneous Fat Fibro tissue, SMAS and Fascia.

ONLY non-surgical medical device USFDA approved for face lifting, neck lifting and skin tightening
Ideal for mild to moderate skin laxity and those who do not want/need surgery-‘a non-surgical facelift
NO downtime
Non-invasive ultrasound technology is safe, used in medicine for decades
HIFU uses Intense Focused Ultrasound (IFUS) to deliver heat deeply under and into the skin leading to collagen stimulation
Ultrasound imaging allows us to see tissue layers during treatment and ensures precise placement of energy for maximum benefit.



FAQ for HIFU Treatment

(1).What is HIFU?

HIFU is short for 'High Intensity Focused Ultrasound'. It is the latest and most reliable ammunition in defending against the sagginess of one's face / jawline / neck. It is the ONLY FDA-APPROVED technology for face and neck lifting. It is also effective in the tightening of underarms and decolletage.

(2).What is Ultrasound?
Ultrasound has been in use for decades for medical diagnostics (e.g fetal scans, abdominal scans) and medical therapeutics (e.g shockwave for destroying kidney stones). The research scientists at Ulthera had a breakthrough when they managed to focus this harmless energy source into a concentrated 'bullet' of ultrasound energy. Not only that, they even managed to perfect the technology such that every ultrasound 'bullet' fires into the same depth of tissue everytime, at the exact energy levels required. The targeted tissues are the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system, the layer targeted by plastic surgeons in a surgical facelift) and the subcutaneous tissue and skin( where collagen and elastin are produced and deposited).

(3).How does this ultrasound work in HIFU?
When this focused ultrasound 'bullet' hits the SMAS layer, its energy causes an instant focal contraction of the SMAS layer, resulting in a tightening effect. In one treatment, many ultrasound 'bullets' are fired all over the SMAS layer and the contracted SMAS layer results in an instant 'face / neck lifting' effect. This energy also stimulates the subcutaneous tissue and skin to produce collagen over the next 6 months, resulting in further improvement.

(4).Facial Sculpting
Besides lifting, he also uses it on chubby areas of the face ( e.g sides of cheeks, jawline, upper neck) to burn off a little bit of the fat deposits and tighten those areas, giving a more sculpted definition to those areas. It enhances the V-shaped facial silhouette that equates to a younger, more attractive face.

(5).Is there any downtime or pain?
The whole procedure (of HIFU for neck and full face) takes around 30 minutes and there is no downtime at all. There is some discomfort during the treatment but that can be managed well with painkillers taken 1 hour before therapy and numbing cream applied 30 minutes prior to treatment.

(6).What is the recovery like?
The recovery for HIFU is typically very simple. Patients are able to return to their regular day to day activities immediately following the procedure, and there are no special measures that must be taken. Immediately after the procedure, some patients have reported redness, but this typically goes away on its own within a few hours.

(7).What will the results be like?
Following the HIFU procedure, the vast majority of patients will experience a noticeable lifting IMMEDIATELY. Many patients experience firmer, tighter skin that has a smoother texture and more even skin tone. While some results are apparently immediately following the procedure, the full effect develops over the course of two to three months and typically lasts for ten to twelve months. To maintain the full results, many patients may require annual touch-up procedures.

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