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The new atmosphere sterilization retort

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The new atmosphere sterilization retort

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Perfectly preserved original cooking food color, flavor, texture, shape and nutrients.

The new atmosphere sterilization is developed for the shortcomings of the conventional method of the current widespread use of vacuum-packed, high-pressure high-temperature sterilization at a new technology suitable for processing all types of fresh convenience foods or semi-finished products.

Do not use any preservatives, mild sterilization temperature sterilization process using raw materials, nitrogen packaging and multi-stage, and can a perfect save cooking food original color, flavor, taste, shape and nutritioningredients.

The new atmosphere food at room temperature storage and sales, the shelf life of 6-12 months. This is not only to solve the problem of high temperature and pressure, vacuum-packed food quality deterioration, but also to overcome the short shelf life of refrigerated, frozen food, cost disadvantages of circulation.

The technology is not only suitable for long-distance sales of products in the processing, with the progress can also be used in schools, military and hospital catering corporate crowd.

The form of two configurations, to provide a rich selection

New atmosphere retorts by sterilization tank, hot water storage tanks, heat exchangers, circulation pumps, solenoid control valve, connecting pipes and high-performance intelligent platform parts.

It includes Luxury (S) and popularity (D) two series. Each series is divided into:

1Models(120/1C) Processing capacity of 0.5 tons / 8 hours

2Models(120/2C) Processing capacity of 1.0 tons / 8 hours

3Models(120/3C) Processing capacity of 1.5 tons / 8 hours

4Models(120/4C) Processing capacity of 2.0 tons / 8 hours

Luxury there:

LS160/4C Processing capacity of 4.0 tons / 8 hours

LS160/6C-DT Processing capacity of 6.0 tons / 8 hours

Specifications table below:

Maximum use of pressure and temperature3kg/cm2*147℃3kg/cm2*147℃3kg/cm2*147℃3kg/cm2*147℃3kg/cm2*147℃3kg/cm2*147℃3kg/cm2*147℃
To be equipped with boilers1,0001,2001,5002,0003,0004,0005,000
The amount of cooling water2505008001,1002,2003,5004,600
Air compressor capacity2.
The number of station travel1234468
Using the volume1,200*1,1001,200*2,0001,200*3,2001,200*4,0001,600*4,0001,600*6,0001,600*8,000
Tray size950*850*40h950*850*40h950*850*40h950*850*40h1130*950*40h1130*950*40h1130*950*40h
Tray layers16*116*216*316*423*423*623*8
Energy saving, emission reduction, based on the latest design concept, to bring you higher returns

The new atmosphere retorts analog temperature control system, according to the different requirements of the food on the sterilization conditions, set the heating and cooling process at any time, make every kind of food can be found in the best state of conditioning sterilization. Pressure adjustment device with the standard mode automatically adjusts the pressure molding packaging containers and easily deformed by backpressure correction to prevent container deformation or rupture. F-value software every three seconds once the F value calculation. All sterilization data, including sterilization conditions, F value, time - temperature curve, the time pressure curve can be preserved after the processing of the data processing software to facilitate production management. The hot water used for sterilization can be repeatedly recycled, when cooled, the hot water of 80 ° C or about may also be recycled. Therefore, the new atmosphere retorts at the same time is also an energy-saving equipment.

Details of excellence, impeccable quality

Man-machine interface control system

Equipment operating status by the touch-screen animated performance,

Optimum use of materials

The main components using special materials and stainless steel pressure vessels, in line with food hygiene requirements, corrosion, equipment and easy maintenance. Equipment details of the deal even better, greatly extending the useful life of equipment.

Starting point configuration

Equipment parts are made of imported brands, to ensure the stability of the product, and extended equipment life.

International state-of-the-art technology, the world's most perfect process

Primary processing:Including the selection of raw materials, wash, go to Shibuya and chopped.

Pretreatment:Pretreatment process, combined with steamed, boiled, fried, grilled, fried, fried seasoning necessary cooking while sterilization treatment. In general, approximately 105-106 bacteria per gram of raw materials such as meat and aquatic products, sterilization treatment, can be reduced to 10-102. By such sterilization process can be greatly reduced and shorten the temperature and time of the final sterilization, so that the food to withstand the thermal damage be minimized.

Gas replacement packaging:After pretreatment of food ingredients and sauce is loaded into the high-barrier packaging bag or cartridge, gas replacement packaging, and then sealed. There are three gas replacement, One is first evacuated, and then injected into the gas, the replacement rate is generally up to 99% or more; second is by injecting nitrogen into the container, while the air out, the replacement rate is generally 95-98% . Third, the direct environment of the nitrogen packaging, the replacement rate is generally in the range of 97-98.5%. Typically using the first method.

Conditioning sterilization:The wavy water spray to the public industrial enterprises successfully developed a new atmosphere retorts, uniform heating, multi-stage warming, mild sterilization of the second stage of rapid cooling. The set number of nozzles on both sides of the sterilizer to be sterilized injection of the wavy hot water, to form a very uniform sterilization temperature. Since the hot water continues to be sprayed to the surface of the objects to be sterilized hot water, the thermal diffusion is fast, uniform heat transfer. The sterilization process is a multi-stage heating in order to shorten the temperature difference between the center of the surface of the food with the food. The first stage is a warm-up period; second stage conditioning tasty period; third stage bimodal system for the sterilization period. Sterilizing the level of temperature and length of time in each stage, depending on the requirements of the various types of foods and conditioning. New atmosphere sterilization with high temperature and high pressure for too long for food caused by thermal injury and the emergence of the drawbacks of the distillation odor and paste flavor. Once the sterilization process is completed, the cooling system quick start within 5-10 minutes, the temperature of the object to be sterilized to 40 ℃ thereby deliverance high temperature state as soon as possible.

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