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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Solid Content 40%, 50%, 220kg plastic drum Packed Concret

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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Solid Content 40%, 50%, 220kg plastic drum Packed Concret

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Product Details

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Solid Content 40%, 50%, 220kg plastic drum Packed Concrete Admixture Raw Material

PCE Description

Polycarboxylate ether water reducer PCEis a new generation high performance & environmental friendly superplasticizer, It can be widely used in premix of common concrete, gushing concrete, hydro concrete, high strength concrete, mass concrete and high quality flow plastic concrete etc.

Special Features:
1PCEA kind of high performance liquid admixture, low-chloride, low-alkali, non-toxic,free effect on ecological environment.
2HS301 PCEhasexcellent water-reducing ability. can greatlyreduce slump loss.
3HS301 PCEcan significantlyreduce 25% ~40%mixing water in concrete.
4PCEHigh strength enhancing ability. Better performance when used together mineral admixture.
5PCENo bleeding, anti-segregation, easy to pump and transport.
6PCEGood appearance of hardened concrete, without water lines, big bubbles, and color difference.
7PCEHigh durability,HS301 polycarboxylate superplasticizer can greatly improve compactness, freeze-thaw resistance, carbonation resistance, elastic modulus and impermeability; reduce drying shrinkage and creep of concrete.
8PCEA stable performance, non-precipitation.
9PCEExcellent compatibility with Portland cement.

Technical specification

Visual AppearanceLightyellow viscous liquid
Density (g/cm3,23℃)1.0
PH (23℃)6.0-8.5
Solid content (%)40±1.0
Na2SO4 (%)≤0.2
Alkali(Na2O+0.658 K2O), %≤5


Physical properties
It was obtained according to china national standard method P.O.42.5 reference cement, dosage of HS301 was 0.55% by wt of cement

ItemsSpecificationTest result
Water Reducing Rate(%)≥2530
Ratio of Bleeding Rate (%)≤600
Compressive Strength Ratio (%)1d≥170230
Air Content(%)≤5.03.0
SlumpRetention(60min), mm≤150160
Ritio of Shrinkage( 28 d), %≤105102
Corrosion of reinforcing steel barNoNo
Setting time differenceIni.-90~+120+90

Application properties

Test Data-Sheet was obtained according to the China National Standard Method. The experiment chose standard cement

PCE uses:

1 The dosage of HS301 polycarboxylate superplasticizer for normal strength and high strength concrete is typically 0.6%~1.2% and 1.2%~1.8% respectively, the recommended dosage for GB8076 standard test is 1.0%.
2 The amount of HS301 used in concrete will be slightly adjusted depending upon job requirements, such as concrete strength, variations in cement, aggregate and other job site conditions. Experiments for appropriate dosage must be carried out when changing concrete mix proportion or materials.
3 HS301 can not be compound with naphthalene and anthracene water reducing admixtures. Experiment must be done when polycarboxylate superplasticizer is used together with other chemical admixtures and mineral admixtures.
4 It is not suggested to use HS301 products directly in concrete or other materials without formulation blending. The compatibility of HS301 products to particular cement, aggregate and the other raw materials in the application is not guaranteed. It should be obtained through trial mixes and formulation technologies by the users.

PCE Package

Available in 220kg/ drum or 1000kg/ IBC tank and 23mt flexitank.

PCE Storage

It shall be kept from direst sunlight and stored in dry and cool place at the 0-35℃.

PCE Shelf life

Its shelf life is normally six month. It is tested eligibility and then used when it is exceeded.

PCE Handling

HS301 PCE is free from alkaline .It is no toxic, hazardous, and corrosive. It is inedible.
When PCE contacts to eyes and skin, The affected area shall be immediately rinsed with plenty of water for minutes. Consult physician if irritation persists.
Keep container closed when PCE is not in use. Do not store PCE directly under sunlight.

PCE R&D centre

Horizon is a technological innovative enterprise. It has one vibrant,high-quality,yong and professional R&D team. At the same time,we empoly specialist,joint technology developmentin the filed of Concrete admixtures HPEG TPEG APEG PCE and Cement grinding aidsall the year round. And we invite the professors from Chinese Academy of Sciences,Tianjin University,Railway Institure and other institutions from higher education as our academic advisor to ensure foresight of technology.Now,the company hasa patent of invention and a number of proprietary technology


Company information

Established in 1989, Shijiazhuang City Horizon Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is a private venture set up for the manufacture of top quality concrete admixtures and cement grinding aid CGA raw material

Our main products:

  • Concret admixtures- polyethermonomerHPEG TPEG APEG
  • and polycarboxylate ethermotherliquor(PCE)&superplasticizerin China;
  • Cement grinding aid(CGA)raw material -TEA TIPA DEIPA



























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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