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Green Original Farm Agricultural Products Co., Ltd

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Address: Guandao town, QiXia city, Shandong province, China

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Green Original Farm Agricultural Products Co., Ltd

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FED established in August of 2006, is a professional enterprise providing services for agricultural product by incorporating planting of vegetable and fruits, classification of origin places, refrigerated storage, processing and packing, exportation and sales, specializing in manufacturing and processing green, environmental friendly, organic, healthy, nutritive, non- pesticide residue vegetable and fruits. Our Guangzhou foreign trading office is a contact window linking company to outside.


We have 5 refrigerated warehouses and 15000 square meters of product processing base, where we have modernized fruits cleaning, automatic sorting, waxing and packing production lines, with 7 vegetable and fruits production bases locating in Shandong, Hebei, Yunnan, Jilin, Jiangxi and Guangdong etc. We have our own cold warehouses and distribution centers in Shandong, Yunnan and Hebei, which can ensure our products’ freshness and on time delivery.


We use the mode of “enterprise + production base/contracted production base”, with 26 professional technicians, 2 experts from Chinese Academy of Science who can use systematical and scientific management method, complete closed-loop quality control system and effective traceability management system in choosing production base, use of pesticide and reagent mixture ratio, inspection of pesticide residue, soil, water source, materials, sampling of finished products. For each box of our product, we can trace its place of origin and its related place of origin management record.


We have achieved ISO9001、ISO22000(HACCP)system certificates. Our major products including apple, pear, potato, onion and their manufacturing base have achieved GLOBAGAP (Global Good Agricultural Practices) certificate and achieved export certificates to Canada, Australia and most of South East Asian countries.


We have professional ambulatory labs which can conduct sampling analysis for products in each production base in term of brix, acidity, pesticide residue. The sampling analysis result will provide the base for the continuous improvement of the production base. We have SN-V biological sensor pesticide residue testing equipment which can sample for product of each batch to avoid overproof of pesticide residue and strive for zero error rate on overproof of pesticide residue.


We are now enhancing our competitiveness by extending our standardized production base management , perfecting our closed-loop quality control system, sound traceability,  people foremost and data based management concept. We also uphold the service concept of ” transfer health, be much fresher”. With the help of our complete quality control system, we will make the most of our brand advantage in both international and domestic markets, strive for world-class and domestic leading service provider in integration of vegetables and fruits, providing safe and healthy vegetables and fruits products for consumers, creating win-win economical and social benefit between farmers, consumers and enterprises, to be a respectable enterprise by consumers, clients, employees and communities.


Our mission: Provide best value green vegetables and fruits- fresh, quality, cheap, pollution free, pesticide residue free, timely delivery; be a reliable and trustable vegetables and fruits supplier by customers


Vision: Agriculture is high-tech, be a leader in agricultural technology


Enterprise culture:

  1. Be concentrated, focused, professional, punctual, accurate, data-based, be expert in vegetables and fruits
  2. Customers-oriented, Never deflect blame e

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Company Name: Green Original Farm Agricultural Products Co., Ltd
Province: shandong
Country: china
Address: Guandao town, QiXia city, Shandong province, China