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Shandong Liaocheng Keliang Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Address: Room 3013, Chuangye Mansion, Dongchang Road, Liaocheng city, Shandong Province, China

Phone: 86-186-63028518

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Shandong Liaocheng Keliang Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

About Us

We are Shandong liaocheng keliang laser equipment co., ltd. We are special producing 3D mini CO2 laser stamp machine, laser cutting machine, 3D mini CO2 laser engraving machine, and laser marking machine, which got ISO 9001 CE and FDA CERTIFATE.

Applicable materials:

3D laser engraving machine for Cloth, leather, fur, acrylic, Plexiglas, wooden board, plastic, rubber, bamboo, product, resin and other non-metal.

Applicable industries >

Keliang CO2 laser engraving machine is suitable to cutting of garment and leather, package and printing, advertisement decoration, Medical Apparatus,  House Furnishing, Building upholster art gift, computer embroidery, paper product, acrylic board. industries.

1. Keliang laser engraving machine: textile laser engraving machine and leather laser engraving machine , leather making machine.

2. Keliang   electronic components Laser engraving machine  computer parts laser engraving machines are most common technology used in IT products, manufacturer always use laser to marking Logo and two dimensions code on products

3. Keliang CO2 Laser engraving machine has been applied in packaging industry. For example: gless laser engraving machine, anti-fake code laser engraving machine, carton package laser engraving machine and plastic laser engraving machines, which two-dimensional code marked on the carton cigarette or box cigarette for sales management, anti-fake code marked on medical bags and production date marked on PET bottle etc.

 4. Keliang CO2 laser engraving/cutting machine including gemology engraving machine and jewelry engraving machines. precious stones laser engraving machine, diamonds of complex shapes laser engraving cutting machine, groove original stones laser engraving machine, and welding laser engraving machine etc. Productions made by laser are elegant, smart, environment-friendly, and don't need any after treatment

5. Keliang CO2 laser marking machine for making high-quality and secure marks on various kinds of materials, cut out tool shapes, letter marking machine, logo/brand laser engraving machine.

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Company info

Company Name: Shandong Liaocheng Keliang Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.
City: Liaocheng
Province: Shandong
Address: Room 3013, Chuangye Mansion, Dongchang Road, Liaocheng city, Shandong Province, China