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Address: Qiaolin Industry Zone,PuKou District,Nanjing City,Jiangsu Province,China

Phone: 86-25-66078086

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Jiangsu Unisource Industrial Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Jiangsu Unisource Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and integrator of material handling products and optimizing manufacturering,assembly,distribution,logistics centers,storage facilities and warehousing.
Not like the only single manufacturer of pallet rack,drive in/drive thru rack ,wide san shelving,boltless shelving,cantilever,mezzanine,multi-tier racking,4s auto-mobile/tire racking,mold/drawer racking,carton flow racking or logistics storage equipment,Nanjing Baokai is uniquely qualified to assist you planning and executing your material handling sytems to reduce costs and increase customer satisfication.                                                                                                                                          
We are main in the field of :
Selective Pallet Rack;
Drive in/through Rack;
Mezzanine platform;
Multi-tier Rack;
Longspan Shelving;
Medium Duty Rack;
Boltless Shelving;
Cantilever Rack;
Stacking Rack;
Tire Rack;
Steel Pallet;
Steel Stillage;
Step Ladder;
Wire Mesh Decking;                            
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Nanjing Baokai products are known for industry-leading heavy duty racks and non-standardstomized metal products that increase durability in normal everyday operations,thereby reducing your costs of maintenance and improving safety.
Our History:

Established in 2005, Jiangsu Unisource Industrial Co.,Ltd Manufacturing of Handling Equipment & logistics solutions for the optimization of business spaces. 

During the past years, our company has been dedicated to planning, designing, producing and installing logistics systems and automatic stereo warehouse facilities. Now, our annual turnover exceeds USD5000,000. 

Meanwhile, we employ a group of skilled engineers engaged in the design and development of logistics systems. Now, our company is equipped with tens of automatic logistics system production lines. With six patents, we have become a famous company in China. In 2014, our company achieved the ISO9001 certification,ISO14001 and ISO 10012 and so on . 

During the past eleven years, we have carried out thousands of projects on big storage racks and stereo warehouse facilities. 


Our Production Line:

a).Upright Cold Roll Forming Production Line:
This highly automated production line enjoys the advantages like fast speed, high precision, low cumulative error, and high security. The relevant details are described as below:
1. This equipment not only can be used for multi-facet continuous punching and rolling, also can be applied for the multi-facet intermittent punching to fulfill the special rolling requirements. Its procedure can be freely set.
2. With the average speed of 34 meters per minute, it can ultimately ensure the strong production capacity.
3. We can accurately make the upright with the maximum amount of facets up to 21, and the upright comes with excellent rigidity and bearing capacity. Also, the high accuracy can ensure the final accurate rack installation.
4. The high speed cutting enables the upright to offer high flatness and good finish, thus ensuring the vertical precision and horizontal consistency of the storage rack.
5. Our production line can roll the zinc plated upright without damaging the galvanized surface  
b)Surface Spraying Equipment:
Complete set of Gema static powder coating equipment. Its coating quality is far better than that of the coating equipment whose main parts are imported, not to mention the equipment which only applies the imported spray gun. The main features of our surface spraying equipment are as follows:
1. During the spraying process, after the recovery and filtration, the remained powder can be quickly sent to the powder supply center for reusing. No powder will be overflowed, thus ensuring environmental working environment.
2. It can fulfill the process and plane requirements of the complicated workpiece.
3. With the digital valve controlling technology, this product can accurately and consistently transmit the powder, ensuring the high qualified uniform surface coating.
c) Welding Equipment:
Qualified welding equipment plays an important role in the warehouse making since it can ensure the fastness and durability of the welding.  With our automatic welding robot,after you setting the welding trajectory according to the actual workpiece’s requirement, then the equipment can automatically complete the welding job with uniform, smooth, and full welded joint.



Our Advantage:

1, Professional design team, cost calculation can be made under control
2, Automatic process, high quality is guaranteed ,SGS, CE ,ISO approved;
3, Fast delivery time and Best MOQ(1pcs)
4, OEM accepted 

Factory Price,Good Quality,On-time delivery,Professional Service is the desire of everycustomers'. 
We belive Baokai Storage are the best choice for you!
Whether your project is small or big,we are ready here to assist you with your material handling needs.Contacting Nanjing Baokai today to discuss portable racks,mezzanines,pallet racks and more!