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Hydrogen Kit For Cars Type HQ-A1

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Hydrogen Kit For Cars Type HQ-A1

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Hydrogen Kit For Cars Type HQ-A1, Type: hq-A1

Products Introduce:

LEGATO is the new fuel economy, emissions gas generator, using of water electrolysis hydrogen gas, joining the gas for the car clean and efficient new energy-Hydrogen, mean while providing oxygen to promote combustion of gasoline.

Hydrogen gas through the car air intake, together with air combustion into the engine cylinder, mixed back together with oil and gas burning.

Characteristics of Hydrogen

High efficiency-ability of hydrogen is 2.8 times the same quality of gasoline.

Fast start-ignition energy of hydrogen is only one tenth of gasoline, lower than gasoline ignition of hydrogen, easier ignition.

More fuel-efficient-hydrogen flame gap of only 0.06seconds, only one-third of gasoline 0.18seconds. (Less flame gap can be transferred to any corner of the cylinder, even to the piston ring gap)

LEGATO’s characteristics:

Simple installation: simple and compact design, can be easily installed in the front part, do not change any vehicle structure.

Smart Security: advanced intelligent automatic control system, gas engine start up, brakes to stop gas production.

Powerful Technology: Independent research and development of products, have multiple projects patents.

Reasonable price: operating vehicles typically use about half a year to recover the cost.

Quality Assurance: special electrode material, all metal parts specially, longer life.

Product features

Energy saving


Environment Protection


Energy Saving:Hydrogen deflagration,oxygen combustion,way adjustment,reduce fuel consumption,saving rate up to 5%-20%.

Reduce Emissions: reduce harmful exhaust emissions such as CO,Nox ,HC,particulate suspended solid and so on up to 50%.

Increase Power:10%-15% increase in power, significantly improved acceleration performance, climbing straight strong overtaking.

Ongoing maintenance: reduce engine deposits, in addition to carbon completely uniform, reducing idling jitter, reducing machine wear and oil change frequency.

Reduce noise: after installing the sending machine run more smoothly, significantly reduced noise.

Other aspects: The car easier to start in cold areas, significantly reduce engine cooling water temperature, exhaust temperature is significantly lower; low speed 30km/H saving energy 15%,Medium speed 70km/H saving energy 10%,High speed 100km/H saving energy 5%.

Product advantages:

Economic: After installing the LEGATO vehicle fuel economy, saving rate about 5%-10%, changes due to the installation machine hydroxide insight habits saving rate 0-10%,total fuel rate is 5-20%.

Example of displacement of 2000cc cars taxi:

Day trip 300km*operating 330 days (year) =99000 km (actually higher)

99000 km/(8 km ,L)=12375L

12375L*(7 RMB/L,#93 gasoline)=86625 RMB/Annual fuel costs

Fuel saving 5%=86625RMB *5%=4331 RMB/Year

Fuel saving 10%=86625 RMB *10%=8663 RMB/Year

Fuel saving 15%=86625 RMB *15%=12994 RMB/Year

Fuel saving 20%=86625 RMB *20%=17325 RMB/Year


Oil,wick every ten thousand kilometers extended to 2000 km before replacement

990000km/10000km=10 times*1000 RMB=10000 RMB/Year

99000km/20000km=5 times *1000RMB=5000 RMB/Year

Reduce maintenance five times a year can save 5000 RMB

Total saving 8712.5~19850 RMB


Comparison of various automobile fuel economy



Oil additives

Other fuel-saving equipment


LEGATO Hydrogen Generator

Sparks, Carbon hydrogen generator, Nano-agent

Magnetized ring, far infrared etc.

Saving mode

Water electrolysis hydrogen and oxygen system

Refined oil molecules are arranged reorganization

Refined oil molecules

Addition of hydrogen and oxygen to improve combustion efficiency

Oil reproduction, duplication of resources

Custom manufacturers

Environmental Protection

Burning coke, exhaust fouling

Custom manufacturers

Custom manufacturers

Reduce CO,CO2,HC,NOx emissions

Earth energy consumption of chemical products

Results reflect

Power lifting, shifting more smoothly


Short-acting, localized

Reduce fuel, throttle more easily


Burning carbon, greener exhaust


Long-term effects

Extending engine life

Easy residual impurities, resulting in engine wear


Reduce the number of vehicle maintenance

Repeat purchase to add, does not save money



Stand-alone installation according to the instructions to install, automotive beauty shops can

By adding their own way of operating

By adding their own way of operating

Customer benefits

Time consumption, save postage and maintenance expenses

More brands, the quality varies greatly

More brands, the quality varies greatly


Operation manual


This Economizer(vehicle hydrogen machine) mainly used in increasing the horsepower,saving energy,and cleaning the internal engine.

2.Operating Condiction

a.This machine is suitable for gasoline,natural gas anddiesel engines.

b.HQ-A2 AND HQ-A4 machines are suitable for buses.


a.The machine must be installed into the well-ventilated places of the car,considering the heating devices inside the machine.

b.The connection of the power cord must be strong enough,no loose.The current of the power cord is large,joint loose would lead to easy fever and even bourn out.

c.Put the machine on a flat foundationand install firmly.

d.Connect the outlet air pipe of machine with the intake manifold of vehicle.

e.Connect all the wires of the machine with the corresponding wires of the vehicle.


a.The machine should be installed in a place which is well ventilates and oen position.

b.After the installation,please check whether the tank is full of liquid or not.The liquid level ould be seen after opening the cap.

c.Before starting up,please check again carefully to ensure all the installations are reliable.

5.Working Process

a.As the car is started,the machine begins to work.

b.Check whether there are hydrogen and oxygen stream out of the machine's outlet air line.

c.The machine will stop working in the following conditions:the vehicle is just sitting there,braking,parking ,and with low battery power supply.


a.The electrical connection and pipe connection of the machine must be reliable,solid,n loose.

b.Pipe connection must be properly sealed to prevent air leakage.

c.The working medium of this machine is cler water and electricity. Electricity is supplied by the battery of the vehicle.And pure water would be properly protect and extend the life of the machine.

d.The water will be consumed and reduced when being used.Once the machine exude the buzzng sound prompting liquid adding,please stop the vehicle and add clear water to the machine tank.If buzzing sound ignored,the machine will stop working.

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