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Spare Parts for AC Alternator Generator-AVR SX460/SX440/MX321/MX341

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Wuxi Faraday Alternators Co., Ltd

Spare Parts for AC Alternator Generator-AVR SX460/SX440/MX321/MX341

City & Province Wuxi Jiangsu
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Product Details

Specifications for Spare Parts for AC Alternator Generator-AVR SX460/SX440/MX321/MX341

1. Directly Manufacturer
2. AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator for 100% Copper wire AC Alternator 
3. OEM Service
4. CE/ISO Approved
5. 7-10 days lead time

FARADAY 100% Copper Wire Three Phase AC Alternator 4 pole Generator6.5KW-32KW

FARADAY 100% Copper Wire Three Phase AC Alternator 2 pole Generator 10KW to 30KW

Alternator Features:

- Brushless, Synchronous AC Alternator, Easy operation and simple maintenance

- IP23, Insulation Class H Alternator

- Usage: As a electric power source matching diesel engines for lighting purpose in Town, Countryside, Work sites, Mountain and Pasture lands

- Drip-proof type

- 3 phase 4 wire type, Star connection

- 50HZ, 380V, 1500RPM as standard, also 60HZ can be made as customers’ requirement

- Certificate: CE/ISO9001

Operating conditions

Under the following environment, The generator could be continuous and rated running:
Above sea level: Not exceed 1000m
Cooling air temperature: 258~313K(-15 ℃~ 40 ℃)
Relative air damping: not exceed 90%

Alternator Specification:

3-PH, 50HZ@1500RPM, 400/230V(Also can be made according to customers’ special requirements)

Alternator Model



8.1KVA to 250KVA

Exciter type

Brushless, Self excitation system

Power factor


Voltage adjust range


Voltage regulation NL-FL


Insulation Grade


Protection Grade


AVR SX460 for FARADAY FD1-FD3 Series Alternator data for your reference:


Stamford AVR             


Sensing voltage

jumper selectable120(95-132)VAC, 240(190-264)VAC, single phase 2wire


50-60Hz nominal

Voltage Input

Max 90VDC at 207VAC input   


15 Ω minimum


<±1% RMS with 4% engine governing

Voltage Build-up

residual voltage at avr terminal >5vac

External Voltage Adjustment

:+/-7% with 1k ohm 1 watt trimmer

Generator Power



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Package Details

Warranty Period

- Within 24 months from alternator's delivery or 18 months after the date first used, whichever comes first.

- During the guarantee period, we will supply freely service of the easy damaged parts for the possible problems except for the incorrect operation.

- After expiration, you should pay for the spare parts cost for alternator maintenance.

Payment Terms

- 30% deposit(T/T),balance (70%) to be paid before shipment.

- 100% irrevocable L/C at sight.

Why Choose Us?

1) factory photos. Welcome to visit our factory!

- Over 12 years experience in generator field

- Directly manufacturer

2) Production Process

  • R & D Ability
  • High voltage generator

  • 6 pole and 8 pole ac generator

New photos will come soon!

  • Marine generator

Main Partners

How to choose us?

1.Classification of generator:

(1) single phase or three phase;

(2) single bearing or double bearing;

(3) PMG is optional (except for FD1 series)

(4) Droop Kit and Anti-condensation heater are optional according to the operation environment.

(5) 2 pole/ 4 pole/ 6 pole/ 8 pole alternators are optional

2.How to choose AVR?

FD1/FD2 series SX460

FD3/FD4/FD5 series SX440

FD6 SX321 / PMG

FD7 SX341 / PMG

3.How to select generator?

-- working environment (less than 1000m above sea level & less than 40 ℃ ambient temperature)

-- different country with different frequency (60HZ for Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, North America and South America countries)

-- For sea side operating environment, anti-condensation heater and droop CT

-- Insulation class H generator

-- 2/3 pitch

-- silicon steel, 100% copper wire, VPI system with Elantas Epoxy insulation painting

4. What is FD and FDH?

--FD means Faraday low voltage alternator

--FDH means Faraday high voltage alternator

--The model instruction is as follows:














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