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Jiangsu Kaimao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd

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Address: Building NO.50, Henghua Science Park NO.58 Xiuxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

Phone: 86-510-85192991

Contact name:Mr. Allen Wang

Jiangsu Kaimao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd

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Jiangsu Kaimao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2001, formerly known as " Wuxi Hengmao Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd", and Jiangsu Hengmao Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is parallel to the company, lies in beautiful Taihu Lake coast and inside of Henghua Tehnology Park, which is in Binhu District, Wuxi City. We have many famous technology enterprises as neighbour and Jiangnan University is just across the road.


Since its inception, Kaimao company based on the development of scientific and technological innovation, not only continued the excellent formaldehyde and formaldehyde downstream production processes, but also optimized and innovated the overall original processes, and learned a wide range of foreign advanced technology. Finally it makes the level of company’s technology significantly improved on, and dominates the China formaldehyde industry leader position. Kaimao company has created a number of the first in Chinese formaldehyde industry, such as: the largest single-line capacity of formaldehyde production technology, the highest concentration (70%) silver contact formaldehyde production technology, the only high concentration (99.5%) of methylal production technology, the exclusive spray dryer process production technology of paraformaldehyde, cogeneration technology of formaldehyde waste heat. These techniques have been widely used in domestic formaldehyde industry, making Chinese technological level of formaldehyde industry catch up with international advanced level. Thus Kaimao company has been widely praised and favored by the buyers.


Kaimao company has an independent R & D team. With the long-term cooperation of Jiangnan University, Tianjin University, Sichuan University, Nanjing University and other institutions, the team combines the advantages of school-enterprise, and develops the capability of formaldehyde and downstream products, equipment and technology upgrades. In recent years, Kaimao successfully developed EPS polystyrene process, MIBK synthesis process, dihydroxybenzene process, hydrogen peroxide process, POM technology and other new technologies. Gradually Kaimao forms four technology series of formaldehyde series, ethanol series, oil series, and petrochemical series.


kaimao makes long-term commitment to China formaldehyde industry technological progress and healthy development for many years. In 2013 year, Kaimao undertakes the website construction work of China formaldehyde industry association portal www.chinaformalin.com, and has organized or participated in the preparation of a number of mainstream industry publications, including "formaldehyde and methanol, "" New formaldehyde production "and" formaldehyde production operations quiz "," CIESC Journal ", etc., where" CIESC Journal " is the Chinese chemical first core journal.


A company's growth and development is inseparable from the customer's trust and support, Kaimao company will provide one-stop solutions of chemical technology for new and old at home and abroad customers just as in the past. Kaimao’s today depends on unremitting efforts; Kaimao’s tomorrow depends on customers support and trust! In the future, Kaimao company will be more involved in the coal chemical, petrochemical, gas, fine chemical and other fields, provide customers with more diversified choices of technology and cost-effective solutions. Please go forward hand in hand with Kaimao together, and create a bright future for China's chemical industry!

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Company Name: Jiangsu Kaimao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
City: Wuxi
Province: Jiangsu
Address: Building NO.50, Henghua Science Park NO.58 Xiuxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China