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Starbuzz Mini EHose portable Vaporizer original E hose e cig

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China Ecigs vaporizer supplier

Starbuzz Mini EHose portable Vaporizer original E hose e cig

City & Province Shenzhen Guangdong
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Starbuzz Mini EHose portable Vaporizer original E hose e cig

Thanks for your interest in WOTOFO VAPOR.


The Starbuzz EHose, the newest innovation in electronic hookahs and e-vaping. You can take this ingenious device anywhere and it gives you an authentic hookah smoking experience in the palm of your hand.  Each Starbuzz Ehose will come with 2 Blue Mist flavor cartridges as well as a standard 110v AC wall adapter (compatible for use internationally).

Sporting the same fashionable design and reliability of it's predecessor. The Mini E Hose stands about half as tall as the regular E-Hose. Now you can vape the same E-Hose cartridges in a smaller more portable E-Hose Mini.


Mini E Hose Starbuzz Specifications:

Size: 75.8*18.2mm

* Battery capacity : 2200mah

* Battery keep : >1500puffs

* Single e hose weight : 500g

* Package: gift box

* Payment : PP,TT, Western Union

* Warranty : 12 months for Rechargeable E Hose



Mini E Hose Starbuzz Advantages:

----Measuring 6 inches in length, the Starbuzz E-Hose is shaped like a hookah hose handle but contains an electronic vaporizer inside that delivers a smooth,tasty tabocco-free vapor that lasts up to 1500 puffs per refillable cartridge.


-----No coals, no dirty water, no sticky shisha. Just pure Starbuzz flavo r. The Stabuzz E-Hose is where tradition meets innovation

-----The Starbuzz E-hose flavor cartridgesare identical to the original Starbuzz shisha flavors.


-----The Starbuzz Ehose holds 2 cartridges and enables you to mix flavors to your tastes, just like a traditional hookah.


-----The E hose battery is quick to charge (the initial charge may take 2-6 hours) and lasts up to 1000 puffs.


-----The Starbuzz E Hose technology and design makes the whole experience as satisfying assmoking an actual hookah with just as much flavor and thick


Starbuzz mini e hose cartridges flavours :

·         Apple Doppio e hose Cartridge

·         Blue Mist e hose  Cartridge

·         Code 69 e hose  Cartridge

·         Golden Grape e hose  Cartridge

·         Green Savior e hose  Cartridge

·         Irish Peach e hose  Cartridge

·         Pink e hose  Cartridge

·         Pirate's Cave e hose  Cartridge

·         Queen of Sex e hose  Cartridge

·         Sex on the Beach e hose  Cartridge

·         Simply Mango e hose  Cartridge

·         Simply Mint e hose  Cartridge

·         Sweet Melon e hose  Cartridge

·         White Mint e hose  Cartridge

Starbuzz mini e hose cartridges flavours

Content of mini ehose Starbuzz kit:

1.Starbuzz E Hose body*1 pc

2.Charger cable*1 pc

3.Cartridges*3 pcs

4.Gift Box*1 pc

5.Charger*1 pc



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