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Address: 1-402 Colorful World,Taishan Street, Taian 271000, Shandong Province, China

Phone: 86-538-6626685

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About Us

Supart is a diversified company providing spareparts for textile industry. Offering quality products and service at competitive prices in fast delivery time is our consistent goal.

An extensive line of spareparts for Sulzer, Dornier, Tsudakoma, Nissan, Sulzer-Ruti, Nuvo Pignone, Somet, Vamatex and Picanol etc. are available here. All our products are best choices of alternatives to the OEM parts.

Products Including:

1, Sulzer Loom Parts--Projectiles, Gripper, Projectile Body, Picking Shoe, Picking Lever, Picking Link, Brake Liner, Brake Band, Projectile Feeder, Projectile Returner, Projectile Lifter, Projectile Opener, Weft End Gripper, Scissor, Guide Rail, Fas-opener, Centering Blade, Guide Tooth, Guide Teeth Block, Selector, Sensor etc. fitting for Sulzer PU, TW11, P7100, P7150, P7200, P7300.

2, Rapier Loom Parts--Rapier Gripper, Rapier Ribbon, Drive Wheel, Cutters etc. fitting for Picanol GTM, GTM-AS, GAMMA, Dornier HTV, PTV, GTV, Somet SM92, SM93, Thema11, Thema 11E, Vamatex C401, P401, P1001, K88, Nuovo Pignone Smit TP300, TP400, TP500, TP600, Fast, GS900, Sulzer G6100/6200/6300, F2001.

3, Air-jet Loom Parts--Nozzle, Solenoid Valve, Weft Detector, Blade, Cam, Cam Lever fitting for Picanol PAT, Picanol Omni/Delta, Omni-plus, Tsudakoma ZA200, ZA203/205/209, ZAX, Toyota 500,600,610,710.

4, Textile weaving machines electronic spareparts.

Any inquiry or questions, welcome to contact us by E-Mail or Phone.

Email: info@textilepart.com

Tel: 86-538-8571761

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City: Tai'an
Province: Shandong
Address: 1-402 Colorful World,Taishan Street, Taian 271000, Shandong Province, China