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Address: Hengbon Industrial zone,Zhucheng,Shandong,China

Phone: +86-532-82823216

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Hengbon Industrial Co.,Ltd

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Hengbon Industrial Co., Ltd. with experienced and capable engineers and management assistances we realize projects for pulp and paper industry as well as for machine building. With well-known industrial enterprises we supply in close co-operation original equipment and spare parts to our clients worldwide.

Our products and services are aimed for improving pulp, paper and paper board machine efficiency as well as other industry involved with composite materials. Our team consists of paper makers, mechanical engineering specialists, maintenance engineers and composite specialists.      Our main expertise is with paper machine runnability equipments and services and in advanced manufacturing technologies like high quality composite and stainless steel.

We always aim to be a quality and customer’s satisfaction oriented paper manufacturer. The company continuously puts significant resources into implementing advanced technology and improving product quality.

We constantly strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through the best technology, the best quality and the best after-sales service. Accordingly we have implemented these activities through the constant development of new products.

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Company Name: Hengbon Industrial Co.,Ltd
City: Weifang
Province: Shandong
Address: Hengbon Industrial zone,Zhucheng,Shandong,China