China SMART pdlc GLASS, magic glass, intelligent glass, eb glass

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China SMART pdlc GLASS, magic glass, intelligent glass, eb glass

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China SMART pdlc GLASS, magic glass, intelligent glass, eb glass

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Smart Film Applies to Existing Glass & Windows to Change From Clear to Opaque Instantly.


EB GLASS BRAND Self adhesive Smart WindowFilm works on an electrical principle switching from frosted

(opaque)to clear(transparent) when power is applied.In its frosted state the film acts as an electronic blindproviding privacy and security for any glass, window or partition.

Custom shapes and sizes are available and multiple pieces can be joined together to create large switchable

glazed panels or partitions.


  • Superior quality with satisfaction guarantee.
  • Multiple Shapes, Sizes and Colors Available.
  • Each piece of SmartFilmis bespoke, so whatever your specification, we manufacture to order providingtheperfect design solution.


  • Transformer
  • Remote Control
  • InstallationGuide

A4sizedSwitchable Film demo kits are available that come complete with control switch.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


Magic Film/PDLC Film

Magic Glass


0.32mm-magic film

0.38mm-magic self-adhesive film


Operation Mode

Power On: Transparent/ Power off: Opaque


1.4m*30m length(white,grey,black)

1.5m*50m length(pure black)

1.2m*50m length(special color)

Width: 0-1.8m length: within 3m.


White,Grey,Black,Special color.

ButMinimum order quantity ofcustomer

requestspecial color:full width *50meters length

White clear, blue, pink,

yellow,red,black, bronze

Control mode

Switch control, remote control, wifi internet control, cell phone control

long distance control.

UV Block

More than 99%

Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~ 60℃ (-4℉ ~ 140℉)

Storage temperature


Parallel Light Transmittance

78 ± 2% (On) / 9 ± 1% (Off)

Sunlight Transmittance

80 ± 2% (On) / 60 ± 3% (Off)


5 ± 1% (On) / 92 ± 2% (Off)

Visible angle


Operating Voltage

30V/48V /60v AC

Collector supply voltage


Frequency Range

50 ~ 60Hz

Power Consumption

About5-7W per sqmeter

Switching Speed

Less than 1 second
Off → On : 100 milliseconds
On → Off :100 milliseconds

Working life (turn on)

>10 years.

Switch times


There could be a little difference in essence according to a kind of film and installing circumstance.

Featured Projects

  • Corporate boardrooms / meeting rooms
  • Residential windows
  • Dividing partitions
  • Conservatories / sun rooms
  • Vision panels
  • Luxury vehicle privacy
  • Yachts
  • Retail / museum display cases

Interior:For office dividing partition,conference rooms, restaurants and hotels etc.

Retail:For storefront advertising, projector solution,museum display casesetc.

Healthcare Facilities :For hospital etc.

Residential: For bathrooms, kitchens, room partitions, windows and skylights etc.

Automotive:For automobile, aviation, yachts, planes etc.


1, How does Smart Film work?

In “Off State” when no electrical power is applied on the smart film the light is absorbed or scattered and the film looks dark gray or white. In “On State” the light is transmitted and the film looks transparent.

2,What isEBproduct lead time?

Lead time for itsPDLCFilm Products is15days after PO confirmation.

3.What is the size of your roll?

For white/ grey/ normal black color: max size 1.4m width* 30m length

For pure black color: max size 1.5m width * 50m length

For special color (blue ,green,pink etc): max size 1.2m width * 50m length

4.What are your shipment terms?

We deliver it by air/express transportation.

Customer clear custom, release and deliver to final destination.

5.Is there a MOQ (Minimum of Quantity)?

MOQ is flexible, but special color based of 1roll.

6, What is the expected life of your products?

Life expectancy is approximately 10 yearsor switch >2000000times.

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