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Dongying City Huasheng Industrial Co., Ltd.,

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Shandong Huasheng Group, including its Dongying City Huasheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Ekokemika Environmental Technology (Dongying) Co., Ltd., Beijing Sunny Vapor International Trade Co., Ltd., Beijing Inter pump limited liability company, Hainan Boao small business club.

Dongying Huasheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 , has been committed to the introduction of high-end products after importation cleaning equipment for over 20 years, and automotive products and services market promotion, product covers imported Italian washing machine, hot and cold water pressure washers industrial ultra high pressure washer, industrial sweeping cars, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaning machines, automatic brush machine, carpet cleaning machines, vacuum suction machine, plant heating equipment, 360° rotating cleaning equipment, automotive maintenance equipment tools, rub-free cleaning fluid biological environmental and other products, providing pre-sales, after-sales service.

In order to increase the sales of cleaning equipment in China, Huasheng group operational headquarters in Beijing and founded Inter pump trade co., LTD., responsible for the Italian "Oscar" cleaning equipment sales in China."Oscar" cleaning equipments come from Italy, is the European clean industry pioneer in IPC group and the most famous brand. For more than forty years, it devotes to do the research and development and production of the cleaning equipment. Products all over the world more than 70 countries.Huasheng established corporation with IPC group, achieved "Portotecnica" cleaning equipment in the exclusive general agent qualification of the People's Republic of China!Through 15 years of efforts, we have become one of the cleaning equipment in China's three major brands,"Portotecnica" clients in almost every industry, great river north and south, in petroleum, chemical industry, military industry, machinery manufacturing, maintenance, car service, and many other fields won numerous customer high praise!

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Company Name: Dongying City Huasheng Industrial Co., Ltd.,
Country: China
Website: http://www.dyhsjt.com/