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Forging DTH Drill Bits / Down The Hole Drilling Tools For High Air Pressure

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Forging DTH Drill Bits / Down The Hole Drilling Tools For High Air Pressure

Country/Region china
City & Province yueyang hunan
Categories Used General Mechanical Components

Product Details

DHD1120 DTH Drill Bits for High Air Pressure

By using high-quality raw materials, utilizing advanced craft technologies and imposing strict quality inspection, the product range covers: down the hole hammers and bits(dth hammers and dth bits), drill pipes, various size of threaded drilling bits, reverse circulation hammers and bits, shank adapters and coupling sleeves, drilling rig, air compressor and spare parts for drill equipment.



Down the hole hammers are connected with down the hole bits to do the drilling works. New Diamond uses high quality steel and the best level tungsten carbide as the raw material,with it's special heating treatment technique and advanced carbide inserting technique ,the bits perform well even on the hard rock formations and save the energy to a maximum limit at the same time.


1, Button Shape: Spherical,Semi-ballistic,Ballistic.
2, Mainly used for Quarrying,Ore Mining,Coal Mining, soft, medium hard, and hard rock,blast hole drilling and water well drilling project,Marble quarry or well drilling and other construction projects,etc.
3, Our cemented carbide buttons have very good wear-resistant, can be ground t·ime after time and have a longer service life. Using the specially processed formula, our carbide buttons can meet requirements of various rocks.
4, Buttons are strong in the mining process, and the service lifetime is very long.A lot of grades can be chosen according to different applications.
5, Exactly suggestion for the button used for soft, medium-hard, and hard rocks.
6, Durable performance, wear resistant and withstanding large impacting force.
7, Very good prices according to market situation.
9, Very fast delivery time.
9, The best and reliable after-service.



It is mainly used in geological exploration, coal mine, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, railway, bridge, construction and so on.


THE Drill Head Diameter(mm)Spline Key NumberNO.Air HolesGauge ButtonsFront ButtonsWeight(KG)
WE can design and manufacture according to customers requirement of the bit diameter,the NO.of air holes,carbide buttons and the face shape.
Feature Advantage

1. Long life span: the wear-resist of tungsten carbides is 10-20 times higher compared with other similar materials, which greatly extends the life of the carbide bits;
2. High drilling efficiency: the high grade hardness of the carbides can always stay sharp, which could increase the drilling speeds too;
3. New Diamond's bits are widely used in different rock formations like carbonate rock,limestone,chalk rock, clay rock,siltstone and sandstone;
4. It can greatly reduce the drilling cost, because of its high drilling speed and life span, which reduces the times to changes bits in the drilling service.


The appearance of the picture is different from that of the actual product, and the actual product is the standard.

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