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Forging Alloy Steel DTH Drill Rods For Architectural Engineering / Well Drilling

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Address: PinJiang Industry Park,PingJiang county,YueYang City,Hunan,China.

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Forging Alloy Steel DTH Drill Rods For Architectural Engineering / Well Drilling

Country/Region china
City & Province yueyang hunan

Product Details


The drill pipe produced by our company is made of high-end technology. The steel of drill pipe body and joint is selected with high quality materials. Meanwhile, metallurgical technology is strictly controlled to increase hardenability of steel and ensure uniform microstructure and mechanical properties and good weldability. Ensure uniform and uniform hardness, increase the toughness of the material and improve the fracture toughness of the steel. Thus, the performance stability of the drill pipe is improved and the consumption of drill rod is reduced, which provides convenience for the majority of customers. Get the approval of the vast number of customers.



Widely used in mines, quarries, earthworks and other engineering drilling blasting hole, guardrail hole, mountain reinforcement, anchorage and other engineering holes, geothermal exploration hole, Well bore and other fields.



pipe diameter


pipe length


wall thickness


 connection thread trigger slot
3761000-60005.00API2 3/8”REGsquare 57/64.5
3761000-60006.00API2 3/8”REGsquare 57/64.5
3761000-90008.00API2 3/8”REGsquare 57/64.5
3 1/2891000-60006.00API2 3/8”REGsquare 70/64
3 1/2891000-60006.00API2 3/8”REGsquare 70/64
3 1/2891000-96008.00API2 3/8”REGsquare 70/64
3 1/2891000-96008.00API2 3/8”REGsquare 70/64
41021000-90008.00API2 3/7”REGsquare 76/89
41021000-900010.00API2 3/7”REGsquare 76/89
4 1/21141500-76206.00API3 1/2”REG89/95
4 1/21141500-91408.00API3 1/2”REG89/95
4 1/21141500-91408.00API3 1/2”REG89/95
4 1/21141500-914010.00API3 1/2”REG89/95
4 1/21141500-914018.00API3 1/2”REG89/95
51271500-950010.00API3 1/2”REG89
51271500-950012.00API3 1/2”REG89
51271500-950014.00API3 1/2”REG89
51271500-950018.00API3 1/2”REG89
5 1/21401500-95009.00API4 1/2”REG or 4’FH114
5 1/21401500-950010.00API4 1/2”REG or 4’FH114
5 1/21401500-950012.00API4 1/2”REG or 4’FH114


Feature Advantage

1. price commitment: in order to ensure the high reliability of products, raw materials are selected by high quality brand products. Based on the same competitive conditions, without reducing the technical performance of products, we offer customers the best price at a sincere price.


2. Quality commitment: product manufacturing and testing have quality records and inspection data; the performance of the product can withstand customer inspection.


3. Customer service: in order to create new diamond brand, enhance the visibility of enterprises,establish corporate image, we serve customers with the principle of "preferential prices, good service, reliable product quality" principle.




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