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SRC3.5 RC Hammer , Reverse Circulation Hammer And Bit For 3" And 3.5" Remet

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SRC3.5 RC Hammer , Reverse Circulation Hammer And Bit For 3" And 3.5" Remet

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City & Province changsha hunan
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Product Details


Product description


Reverse circulation (RC) drilling uses a bit attached to a down-hole hammer to produce a hole. Unlike diamond drilling, RC drilling produces samples of rock cuttings rather than a sample of rock core. The down-hole hammer is powered by compressed air, which also acts as the medium bringing the drill cuttings up to surface. Sollroc supplys RC tools such as hammers and bits hole range from84mm-160mm with RE, PR, MX series.


RC hammers specification

HammerBit Shank

Hole Range


External Diameter


Length (without bit)


WeightConnection ThreadWorking Pressure
RC3-E531RE53184-100811069293" Remet1.5-3.5Mpa
RC3.5-YRC3.5Y98-115941184443" Remet1.5-3.5Mpa

3.5" / 4" Remet

4" Metzke


3.5" / 4" Remet

4" Metzke


3.5" / 4" Remet

4" Metzke


4" / 4.5" Remet

4" / 4.5" Metzke

RC5-P40PR40124-142120.5136280.53.5" / 4.5"Remet 3.5" / 4.5"Metzke1.5-3.5Mpa

4" / 4.5"Remet

4" / 4.5"Metzke


4.5" Remet

4.5" Metzke

RC5.5-P54/P54RPR54135-150130129484.54.5"Remet 4.5"Metzke1.5-3.5Mpa
RC5.5-M5456MX5456136-1501321362904.5"Remet 4.5"Metzke1.5-3.5Mpa


RC bits Model SRC3.5 Specification


No. x Button diameter



Recommended Shroud Dia.


Approx. Weight


Part No.
mminchGauge ButtonCenter ButtonCenter
953 3/4"6 x 14mm4 x 12mm2x12mm936.3SRC3.5-95
1003 15/16"6 x 14mm4 x 12mm2x12mm986.5SRC3.5-100
1044 3/32"6 x 14mm4 x 13mm2x13mm1026.7SRC3.5-104
1084 1/4"6 x 14mm4 x 13mm2x13mm1066.9SRC3.5-108
1154 1/2"6 x 14mm4 x 13mm2x13mm1137.1SRC3.5-115




Product advantages


1. A big advantage of RC is its high rate of penetration. Penetration rates often exceed 80 m per shift depending on ground conditions. The speed of drilling can often mean big cost savings compared to slower drilling methods.

2. RC is relatively insensitive to ground conditions, which may be difficult or slow to penetrate using other methods. As a matter of fact, dual-pipe RC was originally developed as a method to penetrate geological formations (such as permafrost, glacial till, broken rock, etc.) where conventional drilling methods were costly and ineffective.

3. As drill cuttings are transported to surface inside the centre tube of the dual pipe sample recovery is usually very good with high recoveries of both fines and clays.

4. Lesser known are the environmental advantages of RC drilling. First and foremost, RC requires little or no water for rock drilling. This is advantageous in areas with limited or sensitive water supply as well as during the winter when water sources are frozen and maintaining long water lines can be difficult and costly.


Our products have these features: Using higher grade carbides for longer life; Minimizes hole erosion in fragile formations; Drills faster through soft formations with less blockages; Drills straighter through consolidated and unconsolidated formations.




Structure picture


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