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51/2" DTH Hammer Bits 140mm 152mm M50 Mission50 DTH Bit Rock Drill Bits

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51/2" DTH Hammer Bits 140mm 152mm M50 Mission50 DTH Bit Rock Drill Bits

Country/Region china
City & Province changsha hunan
Categories Air Drills

Product Details

51/2" DTH Hammer Bits 140mm 152mm M50 Mission50 DTH Bit Rock Drill Bits


DTH Drill Bits are produced from premium quality nickel-alloy steel for increased durability and wear characteristics. Specific heat treatment standards and special "stress relief" processes ensure consistent performance.
DTH hammer bits are designed for maximum performance and hole cleaning ability and high penetration rate.
Our bits are interchangeable with Atlas Copco's COP32 34 44 54 64 84, Ingersoll-Rand 's DHD3.5,DHD3.5HD, DHD 340A , DHD350R, DHD 360, DHD380 QL40, QL50 , QL60, QL80.NUMA100, NUMA120, MISSION60,ects


Product specifications:


For 5" hammer
DTH bits shank
Bit Dia.No.
Air Holes
Part No.
DHD350R/COP541335 1/4"27×φ166×φ1415DHD350-133
1405 1/2"27×φ187×φ1416DHD350-140
1465 3/4"28×φ187×φ1417DHD350-146
1656 1/2"28×φ188×φ1618.5DHD350-165
SD51335 1/4"27×φ166×φ1415.5SD5-130
1405 1/2"27×φ187×φ1416SD5-140
1465 3/4"28×φ187×φ1416.5SD5-146
1656 1/2"28×φ188×φ1619SD5-165
QL501335 1/4"27×φ166×φ1415.5QL50-130
1405 1/2"27×φ187×φ1416QL50-140
1465 3/4"28×φ187×φ1416.5QL50-146
1656 1/2"28×φ188×φ1619QL50-165
Mission501335 1/4"27×φ166×φ1412.5M50-130
1405 1/2"27×φ187×φ1413.5M50-140
1465 3/4"28×φ187×φ1414M50-146
1656 1/2"28×φ188×φ1615M50-165


Sollroc , with more 10 years of experience ,is one of the professional manufacturer and supplier of high performance rock drilling tools like: DTH hammers and bits, RC hammers and bits, DTH drill rods and top hammer drilling tools. Our tools are widely used in different drilling applications including mining, quarrying, water well drilling, geotechnical industries and etc.
Sollroc is specialized in designing, manufacturing and developing equipments and accessories for standard models as well as the special needs of clients and provides them with the best suggestions and solutions. We practice strict and stringent quality control during manufacturing and adhered to recognized and approved quality control systems. Each of our products follows the quality requirements and procedures to ensure finished products are durable and superior up to standard



Product photos


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