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Commercial Firmed House Shell Structure steam sauna heater Wall mounting

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Commercial Firmed House Shell Structure steam sauna heater Wall mounting

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Commercial Firmed house shell Structure Wet & Dry Alpha Sauna Heater With Outer SAB-90 Silver Shell 400*290*550MM CE

Fast Information:

1: Built-in controller.
2: 9KW 220-240V, 380-415V, North of American or Middle east customer need to order 220-240V.
3: Wall mounting or floor mounted.
4: 3PCS 3kw Teflon heating element.
5: Extra switch for sauna room lamp.
6: High temperature cut-off for both sauna room and sauna heater. Double safety protection.
7: Stainless steel shell is optional.
8: Forty-eight hour continuous test for circuit board of every sauna stove.
9: Controller is tested for all functions.
10: High voltage test for this sauna stove.
11: Earthing resistance test.
12: New intelligent sauna heater approved CE.
13: Double safety protection.
14: Diagnostics system. 
15: Energy saving design.
16. 18 years factory Firmer body structure.
17: Firmer body structure.
18: Long Life Heavy-Duty electric elements.
19: Vented body design provides fast warm-up.


D363.6200-24016.31   2.5~53*11320*230*55010




SAB-454.5200-24020.51   5~63*10400*290*55011-12.5
380-4156.83   5*14
SAB-606.0200-24027.31   6~73*8
380-4159.13   5*13
SAB-808.0200-24036.41   9~103*7
380-41513.63   5*11
SAB-909.0200-24040.91   10~123*7
380-41513.63   5*11
SAD-10510.5380-415163   12~155*10515*485*65526-27
SAD-12012.0380-41518.23   15~185*10
SAD-15015.0380-41522.73   18~215*9
SAD-18018.0380-41527.33   18~255*8
SAD-21021.0380-41531.83   25~295*8705*450*65537-41
SAD-25025.0380-41537.83   29~355*7
SAD-27027.0380-41540.93   35~385*7
  Categories  Dry Sauna bath
  Application  Traditional Sauna room
  Material  Matel
  Model  SAB-90
  Item  Electrical Sauna heater with ST-135M controller
  Size  400*290*550MM
  Max Temperature  110℃ (110℃)
  Packing Volume/Weight  12.5kgs
  40'GP(PC)  658SETS
  20'GP(PC)  315SETS 
  Packing material  Seaworthy Plywood
  Packing size/Canton  440*310*820MM

  ST-135M controller 

  Volume/Canton  0.112CBM
  Delivery time  3-25 days (According your order quantity)
  Term of payment  T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal or more
  Shipping method  By Sea/By Air/By Express


Alpha sauna stove has been developed as a direct result of our many years of experience of customer requirement with many new features and improvements. All products has been approved by CE certification.
SAB-90 wall-mounting built-in controller sauna heater  can be used in 8-9CBM sauna room, there are two holes on backside for easy hanging.

Electric best sauna heaters. Electric sauna heaters offer the benefits of convenience and clean operation, without the need for a chimney.

Temperature attained with an electric sauna heater  can adjusted from 50-110℃ or 122-230℉, but we do not recommend exceed 194 Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius). The same is true in Canada under CSA rules.

These maximum temperatures are currently lower than room temperatures allowed in Europe. Electric heaters currently on the market usually have an outer shell made of stainless steel or prepainted steel.

Given the fact that prepainted steel is a baked-on coating which can lift off the substrate over time, and that rust can then form on the steel beneath the painted coating, obviously stainless steel is the better material to choose for your electric heater.

Alpha sauna heater Use three phase limit temp protect thermostat, it will have double protect function, if you use (new model), it has limit temp protect function, if thermostat is broken, limit temp with a little higher.

For example if you set temp is 50 degrees, when the room temperature arrive at 50 degrees, heater will stop working, but this time this stop function is broken, and temperature will continue increasing, when temperature arrive at 55 degrees, sauna heater will stop heating. It is limit temp protect function.

This item with an elegant new-generation outer control panel, in this case you can control the functions of your sauna stove easily.

It allows you to control practically anything that can be electronically controlled: operating time, temperature and lighting.

With our new sauna stove, you can easily improve the temperature you wanted and gain an amazing sauna experience anytime anywhere.


Built-in controller features


1: Standard control for any sauna heater models.
2: Many sauna buyers prefer the built-in controls for its ease of wiring.
3: Built-in Controller located at the bottom of the heater.
4: Included Built-in time knob controller.
5: Included Built-in temperature knob controller.


High-temperature cut-off protection-overheating protection


The temperature is controlled by the build-in thermostat sensor. However, if for any reason, the air temperature inside the heater rises to an abnormally high level, the overheating protection automatically cuts off the power supply.

When the heater has cooled down the power can be on again by pressing the reset button. Before pressing the reset button, the possible cause of overheating should be investigated.




1: Energy efficient electronic Sauna stove designed.
2: This sauna stove adopts external control, which makes it more secure to use.
3: The temperature controller is used for regulating the temperature. It is unnecessary to set the temperature controller every time, you can maintain an appropriate temperature constantly.
4: The temperature controller should be installed outside the sauna room.


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