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530 × 225 × 470mm Commercial steam room generator / Stove For Dry Steam Bath

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530 × 225 × 470mm Commercial steam room generator / Stove For Dry Steam Bath

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Product Details

Steam Generator ( Steam Stove ) For Dry & Steam Bath CE Products

Fast Information:

1: 9 KW 220-240V/380-415V Single phase or 3 Phase.
2: Drain by manual.
3: Suggested temperature setting: 45℃.
4: Temperature setting: 35-55℃(95-131℉).
5: Protection of water shortage.
6: Over-high temperature protection. 
7: Light system control.
8: Time and temperature set up and indication.
9: White color shell.
10: Stainless steel water tank.
11: Stainless steel house cover.
12: Automatic drain.
13: Fill water automatic.
14: Commercial high class use.


Gross weightController
  Categories  Steam & Shower  room
  Application  Wet steam room or shower room
  Material  Stainless steel
  Model  DON
  Item  Wet  Sauna steam generator
  Size  530×225×470mm
  Max Temperature  55℃
  Packing Volume/ Weight  18kgs
  40'GP(PC)  771SETS
  20'GP(PC)  371SETS 
  Packing material  Seaworthy Plywood
  Packing size/Canton  53.5*23*59CM

  ST-135A controller

  Volume/Canton  0.049CBM
  Delivery time  3-25 days (According your order quantity)
  Term of payment  T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal or more
  Shipping method  By Sea/By Air/By Express


Alpha sauna stove has been developed as a direct result of our many years of experience of customer requirement with many new features and improvements. All products has been approved by CE certification.

Remember the pleasure of a steambath at your local health club or during your last vacation getaway? Now think of stepping into your personal steam room in the comfort of your own home!

DON series is the third generation model . The high market shares is based on elegant design and perfect performance. There are two options for its exterior,powder coating and stainless steel .Which equiped with ST-135T controller.

Automatic drain which suit for Commercial or high requirement family use.

White painting color shell, firm body structure design and fully exported qualified standard components. 

All machine is guranteed for 1 years of commercial use, 2 years for family use. defective parts can be sent as long as customer prove it is manufacturer's responsibility.

The standard steam generator is the second generation of our products which covers all power sizes from 3KW to 18KW, 220~240V AC or 380~415V AC.

When equipped with ST-135M digital control panel, the temperature, working time and even steam room light could be controlled digitally. You could switch between temperature units.

Mineral buildup is the main problem affecting steam generator performance and life of heating elements.

Non-resolvable particles in water could be removed by adding filter to the water inlet of steam generator, but resolved scale minerals dissolve under high temperature, and then precipitate layers of rock like deposits inside water tank and on surface of heating elements when water cools down.

As a result of water scale build up, it may clog pipes, affecting heat dissipation of elements and eventually damage them.

Sauna steam bath can be likened to the lazy sports, do not move to move to, we can achieve a passive effect of fitness and beauty, apply to hotels, leisure clubs, beauty massage parlors, bath center, gym, gymnasiums, nursing homes and Hospital, in particular, are well-off white-collar families.


Steam generator ( steam stove ) features

Express steam production functions: 
The new type of electric steam generator connected to an external power supply in 120 seconds, can produce strong high-temperature steam, so that operators can invest in an instant job status, saving the general steam generator from the boot, heating, warming to the production of steam to enter the job status of a large number of waiting time.

It can in the shortest possible time so that is rapidly increasing steam pressure, steam pressure can be achieved when 2.5kg/cm2. 


More Feactures


Boiler safety (low pressure), are small because the interior can be used, as well as moving the location of the steam engine can be simple to complete.

Automatically adding water features: electric heating steam generator and steam generated by the proportion of water can be arbitrary; In the course of their work can add water at any time and without shutdown. 

Allow the body to maintain normal water level job and uninterrupted provision of external equipment to the high temperature steam.


Steam generator ( steam stove ) use


1: Health Industry.
2: Heating equipment and bathroom purposes.
3: Hospital Sterilization Wash with physiotherapy fumigation, steam Cosmetology, steam lose weight.
4: Humidification with.
5: Food processing workshops.
6: Pure steam cleaning.
7: Agricultural water use of the product processing.
8: Various wash.
9: Chemical factory.


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