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Bottling Beverage Filling Machine With Labeling Shrink Packing Machine

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Bottling Beverage Filling Machine With Labeling Shrink Packing Machine

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Product Details

Bottling Beverage Filling Line With Labeling Shrink Packing Machine


1. Automatic water spraying sterilizing and cooling tunnel



Continuous spraying sterilizer is designed and made on the basis of absorbing and digesting abroad machine. It adopts warm water to preheat, sterilize with recycling hot water, recycling warm water to pre-cool, and cooling water to cool; it is with the advantages of sterilizing temperature automatic control, and adjustable sterilizing time;and can be widely used in sterilizing and cooling of juice and beverage in various bottles and cans, electrolyte beverage, wine and condiments. It can be designed and made to the sterilization conditions and production provided by the customer.


PLS-3000 technical parameter

1·the highest sterilizing temperature:95-100℃

2·the width of sterilization transferring belt:1500mm

3·transferring belt speed:110-553mm/min

4·heating steam pressure:0.4Mpa

5·length of sterilization step:22000mm,length of pre cooling step:1800mm,length of cooling step:8000mm,

6·heating recycling water volume:35.㎡




2. Auto sleeve labeling machine



The new devices designed, accord with all-wheel drive and self-centering, round the requirements of the truck pressure. And the design of the speed ratio completely realized that set of standard, send standard smooth, stable operation, cut standard fast of label purpose.

1 · all can manual or automatic continuous production, automatic state the machine according to the installation of label machine before and after block, plugging bottle of bottle on the assembly line sensors how many automatic rev. Stop into bottles of screw. To achieve automatic production. Vivid speed according to the production of: speed requirements to control the speed of slow progress, conveying operation completely humanization.

2 · the whole machine fault automatically detect: cooperate with human-computer interface Chinese display and three color lamp alarm prompt, can prompt the searching out equipment breakdown reason.

3 · the machine set of institutions: the conveyor belt conveyor belt, take a bottle of positioning, bottle dividing screw, film conveying system, based on frequency control the transmission motor synchronizer only a knob speed, and can be easily adjusted the machine running speed.

Technical parameter:

Label length 80mm bottle type 500ml as  normal

 Label specificationφ30~125mm

 Bottle &can diameterφ28~125mm

 Label length30~250mm;

 Label thickness≥0.035mm;

 Label material PVC/PET/OPS

  Main machine power 3KW220V,50HZ

  External size: 850×800×2180mm

  Weight: 450kg

  Steam use volume24Kghr
  Steam pressure0.3~0.45MPa
  External size680×560×1300mm  L×W×H


3.Auto shrink packing machine


its main series is suitable for canned food, beverage, wine, cosmetic, daily necessities and collective packing (round, square model, a flat type are applicable).

After packing goods has moisture-proof, dustproof, and breakage function


1,the reasonable design, simple operation. But with PE heat shrinkable machine form a complete set, also can use repeatedly unmanned packaging production line.

2, use a roll film, automatically bag, filling and sealing, cutting process, fast packaging.

3, PLC control, reducing mechanical contacts, make the system more stable and reliable, easy maintenance.

4, stepless speed regulation, convenient and simple.

5, adopting photoelectric detection control and it is stabilization and reliable.

Technical parameter:


Machine Size:1850×1750×1800

Shrinking Size:(150-450)×(100-300) ×(80-300)


Gas Source:0.4-0.8MPa

Packing Capacity:1-15bag/min

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