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Truck Mounted Hydraulic Water Well Drill Rig 400m Depth 160KW Engine Power

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Truck Mounted Hydraulic Water Well Drill Rig 400m Depth 160KW Engine Power

Country/Region china
City & Province shandong
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Product Details

Truck Mounted Hydraulic Water Well Drill Rig 400m Depth 160KW Engine Power




Our rig has several types. The type of rig can be a tracked, truck-type and flat-top self-supporting truck with high support legs. It has great efficiency and it is suitable for kinds of rock stratum.


Main parameters:


Engine PowerKw160
Drilling diameter of soil layerMmΦ100--Φ600
Drilling depth of soil layerM400
Drilling diameter of pebbleMmΦ100--Φ600
Drilling depth of pebbleM200--100
Drilling diameter of rockMmΦ100--Φ400
Drilling depth of rockM400
Air pressureMpa1.05-2.46
Air consumptionM3/min16-30
Rod lengthM4.5
Rod diameterMmΦ89
Feed forceKn200
Pull forceKn400
Work feed speedM/min0-9.2
Fast feed speedM/min25
Rotary head torqueN*m20000
Rotary speedR.p.m0--120
Choose truck model ZZ2257M5857D1 (6x6)
Transport dimensionMm1100x2300x3800




1: Our rigs are equipped with emergency stop buttons, traffic safety warning lights and emergency fire extinguishers to ensure safe operation.


2: The motor chain feeding mechanism is promoted, the hydraulic control performance is good, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance is convenient.


3: Equipped with hydraulic mud pump, quick conversion mechanism of mud and air drilling.


4: Equipped with hydraulic generator to meet casing welding and auxiliary welding operations.


5: Our rig equipped with a lifting rod device, optional automatic connection and unloading rod system can be installed to realize automatic loading and unloading of drill pipe.


6: The four hydraulic legs are equipped with a hydraulic locking and mechanical double lock mechanism to make long-term drilling operations more stable and ensure drilling accuracy.

1: Unique dual-motor hydraulic swivel head for both mud and air drilling.


2: The hydraulic system is equipped with independent air-cooled hydraulic oil radiator, which can be equipped with water-cooled radiator to ensure system in high-temperature climatic conditions, and the hydraulic system works efficiently.


3: Walking seat operation, centralized control of the operating platform, emergency safety stop button with four corners, safety warning light for walking, emergency fire extinguisher to ensure safe operation.


4: The steel wire rope is not used, and the chain-free propulsion mechanism is adopted, which eliminates the safety hazard of the broken rope and the chain, greatly improves the safety of the deep hole operation and is convenient for maintenance. "No hidden

Trouble, no maintenance mechanism.


5: The engine drives a two-axis off-axis gearbox with two sets of hydraulic pumps. The drilling parameters better match the mud circulation and air forward and reverse circulation drilling requirements of different formations and different working modes.





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