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Hydraulic Crawl Diamond Core Drilling Machine , Drilling angle 60° - 90°

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Hydraulic Crawl Diamond Core Drilling Machine , Drilling angle 60° - 90°

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Product Details

Hydraulic crawl Core Drilling machine Cummins engine SD1000 with drill depth 1300m



SD1000 crawler drill is full hydraulic drill rig. It is suitable for diamond bit drilling and carbide bit drilling of solid bed. It also can be used in exploring drilling and base or pile hole drilling and the small water well drilling.


As a professional core drilling rig manufacturer in China, we produce core crawler drilling rigs, core trailer drilling rigs, and full hydraulic core drilling rigs for you to choose from. These products are reliable, versatile, and come in various specifications to satisfy your different drilling applications.


Main Features:

-Rotation unit adopt the France technique.It was drive by dual hydraulic motors and changed speed by the mechanical style.It has the wide range speeds and high torque at the low speed.It also can satify the different project construction and drilling process with different motors.

-Adapt full hydraulic driving, moving with crawlers itself

-Drill head is driven by variable motor with function of two-speed mechanical gear shifts, stepless speed change with an advanced and simple structure
-Rotator is fed and driven with a system connecting the spindle and oil cylinder with chain
-Mast could be adjusted for its drilling hole with a low center of gravity and good stability
-Rig provides operator with a nice field of vision and wide and comfortable working

-Diesel engine, hydraulic pump, main valves, motors, crawler reducers and key hydraulic spare parts are all adapted famous brands products which are easy to buy and maintenance.
-Big torque, powerful driving force, rational and practical design, lower noisy advanced controlling mode , external appearance, a compacted structure, a reliable function, and a flexible operating system.




Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig



Basic parametersDrilling depthФ56mm(BQ)1300m
Drilling angle60°-90°
Overall dimension8590*2496*9000mm
Hydraulic driving head feeding distance  4200mm
Feeding system single
hydraulic cylinder
driving the chain
Lifting force120KN
Feeding force60KN
Lifting speed0-4m/min
Rapid lifting speed45m/min
Feeding speed0-6m/min
Rapid feeding high speed64m/min
Mast movementMast move distance1000mm
Cylinder lifting force80KN
Cylinder feeding force54KN
Main winchLifting force single rope50KN
Secondary winch(W125)Lifting force single rope12.5KN
Mud pump three cylinder
reciprocating piston
style pump
Hydraulic mixerderived by the hydraulic motor
Support jackfour hydraulic support jacks
Engine(diesel Cummins)Model6BTA5.9-C180



Engine(diesel Cummins)Rotating speed2200rpm

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