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FDM Desktop FDM Open Source 3D Printer Kits , 3D Printer DIY Kits

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FDM Desktop FDM Open Source 3D Printer Kits , 3D Printer DIY Kits

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DIY Desktop FDM Open Source 3d Printer Kit 3D Printer DIY Kits




1) Robust Structure: metal frame all-in-one machine, laser cutting, seamless welding. Printing quality and stability is much better compared with ordinary wooden or acrylic frame 3D printer in the market.
2) Big Forming Size: elaborately optimized frame layout to print out the maximum volume within the limited framework. Printing size is up to 290*210*340 mm (L/W/H), which can meet customers’ special needs for large dimension 3D printing. 

3) High Printing Precision: advanced ball screw ensures high-precision printing; High-quality running track runs more smoothly. All parts are CNC machined. Positioning accuracy: x/y axis-0.01 mm, z-0.002 mm. Printing accuracy is up to 0.06 mm. 

4) Simple Operation: online or offline print process without watching over. The printing can be completed just by a few simple steps. The software interface is simple and friendly, easy and quick to operate. 

5) Durable Extrusion Head: Common extrusion heads use ordinary temperature-resistant materials and design. Our printers use heat resistant material alongside with more advanced design techniques with many times’trial and improvement, which makes the extrusion head last longer and more stable. 

Focus L8 3D Printer Specification

Basic Parameters

Machine Color


Machine Size

461*355*535 mm

Print Size

280*210*340 mm

Packing Size

570*465*652 mm


15.5KG / 38KG

Technical Parameters

Print Technology


Layer Resolution


Layer Thickness


Nozzle Diameter

0.4 mm

Nozzle Number


Extruder Temp


Hot Bed Temp



SD Card

Print File Format


Operating System

Windows XP/7/Vista, Linux, Mac


Focus3D Cura

Print Speed


Input voltage

AC100-250V, 50/60H,250W

Printing Material


Filament Color


Filament Diameter

3.0 mm


1. Family- ONE Machine @ ONE HOME @ ONE WORLD
Focus3D helps to cultivate and motivate your children 's creative thinking and DIY ability. Your children can print what toys they want into pieces and assemble them together. Playing with Focus3D is an amazing parent-and-child game for a family. It enhances the relationships between parents and children.

2. Education in University&School
Focus3D help students obtain first experience of 3D printing technology and transfer students' creativity into real 3D models. 3D Design is required basic skills for students in many countries. However, 3D printer is unaffordable due to costly machine and materials. Our Focus3D is totally affordable and it’s the best choice for education purpose in university and school, especially for mold making schools.
3. New Products Prototypes
Focus3D printers dramatically save money and shorten time for new products prototyping to check the effects of the design. Focus3D printer is definitely a cost-effective Machine for new products prototypes. Designer's creative models can be built within a few hours, without time-consuming process like mold development, cutting route programming, casting. Due to low cost of printing, designers can print out several different models for comparison.   
4. Fancier & 3D Designer& DIY Fan
Design is Endless. Focus3D makes you a creator and makes your design plump. Use our 3D printer to print your fleeting inspiration.World becomes colorful and beautiful with your design. Small Machine, Big Function !
5. Advertising/Craft/Gift Company
Focus3D provides customers with creative gift printing services like to printing shoes, fashions, toys and so on.
6. Medical Institutions
According to media reports, surgeons will be able to take advantage of the 3D Printers to print out various sizes of bones for clinical use.This magical 3D printers have been produced.
7. Architecture and Construction
In the construction industry, the engineers and designers have embraced the architectural model of a 3D printer. This method is rapid, low cost, environmentally friendly and model beautifully produced. It’s entirely consistent with the designer's requirements while saving a lot of materials.
8. Manufacturing,Automobile Industry,Food Industry,Cultural industry, Aerospace and defense industry. 


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