Ophtahlmic Custom Surgical Packs , Eye Sterile Surgical Kit Single Use

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Ophtahlmic Custom Surgical Packs , Eye Sterile Surgical Kit Single Use

Country/Region china
City & Province zhengzhou henan

Product Details

Custom Surgical Packs Ophtahlmic Surgical Kits Single Use Surgical Ophthalmology Eye Packs


Advantage of custome surgical packs:

1. Cost: we combine all the items in one package, which can reduce the cost compared with each item.
2. Time: reduces the preparation time and surgery, that every second is precious.
3. Safe and reliable: all products are single-use products, strictly comply with relevant domestic and international quality standards. The entire production process, from raw materials to finished product assembly, is done in the purification workshop. Minimize the risk of initial contamination and tightly controlled sterilization to ensure product safety.
4. Professional design The stable and professional development team designs the appropriate component configuration according to the surgical features of various parts of the human body.




Ophthalmic Eye Surgical PacksSizeQuantity
Eye drape100*130cm1pc
Instrument table cover150*200cm1pc
Hand towels40*40cm2pcs
Kidney dish700cc1pc
Eye pad/1pc
Standard surgical gownL size2pcs
Wrapping cloth100*100cm1pc



Features of our Sterile Surgical Packs:
1. Soft and comfortable,ecofriendly and breathable.
2. Good strength and elongation,convenience and effective.
3. Avoid wasting and reduce the procedure including disinfection soaking,washing and drying,cumbersome links and so on.
4. Resist particle, fluid, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading.

After sales:

1. Established a special department of the customer department
2. Responsible for handling various customer requests, such as: service, delivery,
3. Quality and other aspects of the appeal, and strive to meet customer needs
4. In the inter-node, handle the relevant appeals.




1. Are you a trading company or a factory?We are a manufacturer.
2. How long have your company run on disposable products?We have over 5 years exporting experience on it.
3. What is the expired date ?The validity is five years, and the case should be stored in a dry.
4. Can you make OEM or ODM service ?Yes, we can, please send us your design or your request, we can customize the gown according to your design.
5. How about your company's certification?CE, ISO 13485 and other necessary certification.


Details of Custome Ophthalmic Eye surgical packs:


Labrotary of raw material:

Raw materials purchased from qualified suppliers need to be tested in accordance with international and domestic standards. The main testing items are: hydrostatic pressure, wear resistance, tensile strength, bursting, gas permeability, loss rate, water absorption. Multiple, water absorption time, etc.


Labrotary of products:

Microbiology laboratory: positive control room, microbial testing room, sterile room, mainly to detect initial contaminating bacteria, microorganisms, positive control to ensure the production environment of the product.


Physical laboratory: It has testing equipment conforming to international standards, such as Martindale flat grinding instrument, electronic peel strength testing machine, hydrostatic testing machine, bursting strength tester, tensile strength universal testing machine, etc. It mainly tests the performance of raw materials and the performance of finished products.



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