Painters Workwear Disposable Paint Suit Toxic Dust / Oil Proof With Tape

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Painters Workwear Disposable Paint Suit Toxic Dust / Oil Proof With Tape

Country/Region china
City & Province shanghai shanghai
Categories Body Painting Supplies

Product Details

Disposable Paint Coverall Painters workwear overall Suit with Tape



Product Instruction for use:


Disposable Paint Coverall providing limited protection against liquid chemical products(splashes-type6) and toxic dust(type 5),such as asbestos for example.For more information see performances below.For optimal protection,wear the overalls closed.Use solvent-resistant adhesive tape,at the sleeves,ankles and hood to ensure sealing at the hands,feet and head.


To don the overalls:Unzip the zip.Pull the trousers over the legs.Pull the overalls up over the torso.Insert the arms into the sleeves.Closed the zip and pull the hood over the head.


To remove the overalls:Unzip the zip,remove the hood,the sleeves and finally the trousers.



Limits to use:


Only use for the purpose described in the above instructions for use.The overalls should not be used in sectors where there is a risk of exposure to certain hazardous chemical products.While there is limited protection against various chemical products,no guarantee of resistance is given for exposure other than splashes or dust.


Do not expose the garment to heat or flame.


Although these overalls are made of microporous fabric,prolonged wear may lead to heating.Heat stress can be reduced or eliminated by using suitable under-garments and ventilation equipment.Before donning this garment,check that it is clean and unused,otherwise performance may be affected.in the event of a defect.This garment does not contain any substances known to be carcinogenic or toxic.Contact with the skin may may lead to allergic reactions in sensitive persons.In this case,leave the risk zone,remove the overalls and consult a doctor.It should be noted that tests on this product were conducted in a laboratory environment and do not necessarily reflect reality.Other factors may affect these results,such as use in excessive heat or in harsh mechanical environments(abrasion,cutting,tearing).The supplier shall not be held responsible for incorrect buse of these product.It is the sole responsibility of the user to decide which protection shall be appropriate and proper association with optional equipment(gloves,boots and respiratory mask).



Produce Specification:


Product NameDisposable Paint Coverall Painters workwear overall Suit with Tape
Article NumberHG-C093
ColorWhite, blue, navy blue, olive, etc to be options.
Place of originHubei China (Mainland)
Carton sizes40×30×43cm40×30×44cm40×30×45cm40×30×46cm40×30×38cm
Application fieldHospital, hotel, dustproof place, food/electronic
StyleHead hood, parts sewn, half-waist elastic
MaterialSMS / Microporous



Product Storage/cleaning instructions:


Store these products in a cool,dry place away from frost and light in their original packaging.In these conditions,they may be stored for over 24 months.Disposable Overalls,no maintenance possible.Dispose of after use.Disposal is limited only by any possible contamination that may have occurred during use.



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