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Programmable Time Switch Working Reserve time 3 Years Count down 1 sec - 99 min 59 sec

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Programmable Time Switch Working Reserve time 3 Years Count down 1 sec - 99 min 59 sec

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City & Province wenzhou zhejiang
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Product Details

Programmable Time Switch Working Reserve time 3 Years Count down 1 sec - 99 min 59 sec




The timing device used in digital circuits, minutes and seconds digital display, intuitive, accurate and stable walking the show popular, widely used in personal family, station, wharf, office and other public places, to people's life, study, work, entertainment has brought great convenience, such as automatic timing on time, alarm, automatic bell time program automatic control, regular radio, on-off power equipment, and a variety of electrical automatic opening time, all of which are based on digital watches.




Item Number

VoltageAC220V 50/60HZ
Power consumption5VA
Operating temperature-10~+50
Accuracy≤2 seconds/day
Minimum Setting Unit1 minute
Time Setting Range1 minute~168 hours
Contact CapacityLamp Load:2300W Resistive Load:16A/250VAC
Working Reserve time3 Years
MountingDIN rail mounting
Program18 on 18 off/18 times pulse


Product Detail

Operating Instruction


1. First time use this time switch,please press reset key.

2. At first, the time switch is in 24h mode,If you want change to 12h mode please press on “”key 5 sec.And LCD will display AM If you want rechang to 24h mode, and press on “”key 5 sec to return.

3. Programming: set on &OFF same time, have 30 seconds to control bell.

1Press PSetting 1ON time (display 1 on)
2Press H+/M+Set hours and minutes
3Press D+Select days of week, same everyday,MO-FR,MO-SA,SA SU,MO-WE,TH-SA,MO WE FR,TU TH SA,different everyday,not press this key
4Press PSetting 1 off time(display 1 off)
5Press H+/M+Set hour and minutes turn off time
6Press D+If you want same set in every day,you need not press this key
7Repeat step 2-6Set 2-18 on/off time
8Press End

4. PULSE setting:(“P”display at bottom-left corner of LCD)

1Press H+&M+Into pulse setting
2Press &H+/M+Setting pulse time range 1aec.-59min59sec
3Press &MANUALConfirm pulse time range
4Press PInto setting 1 on time(display 1 on)
5Press H+/M+Setting on time
6Press D+Select days of week, same everyday,MO-FR,MO-SA,SA SU,MO-WE,TH-SA,MO WE FR,TU TH SA,different everyday.(If same everyday,not press this key)
7Repeat step 4-6Setting 2-18 pulse
8Press End
9Press H+&M+Exit pulse

*If need not 18 pulse press“”key to the end.

5. Count down:(“d”display at bottom-left corner of LCD)

1Press P&Into count down
2Press &H+/M+Setting min/sec
3Press MANUALStart count down
4Press PReturn to start count down
5Press P&Exit

6. Pause

Neither needn’t the timer work nor delete the set programme .you could just pressand“MANUAL”for 3 seconds at the same time to make the timer“AUTO OFF”permanently(only can access when“ON AUTO”or“AUTO OFF”),in that case ,the timer can not changeover,“”displays at the bottom-left corner of LCD,press and“MANUAL”to restore“AUTO OFF”,and the timer turn to work normally.

7. Auto time error correction,weekly:(“7d”displays at bottom-left corner of LCD)

1Press P&MANUALInto count
2Press D+Setting -30sec.-30sec
3Press Confirm

8. Timing

8.1 Press and Press D+ repeatedly go to today

8.2 Press and Press H+/M+ to change hr./min

9. Having operated items mentioned above,please be sure to reset the ON or OFF according to the current time.press“MANUAL”in order to display at the bottom Line of the LCD

10. Check time :press“P”to check whether the time is set correctly or not

press“MANUAL”and then reset the time and week

Press“”to finish checking and setting,and the time will be display afterwards

11. Press“MANUAL”to turn on or off at will,except5

12. Press“D+”and“H+”for 3 seconds to turn off, but the setting will be lost

13. Press“RESET”to restart, but the settings can be restored

14. When the battery reserve, you can see the battery mark on the LCD display.If use the power the battery mark will disappers.


Time setting should according to the time sequence,couldn’t be set crossly.

System with quit automatically if there’s no operating within 10 seconds.And no data is saved.It will quit when setting finishes

Function 3,4,5,can not be used simultaneously.

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