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48 ~ 85 %RH Multi Function Auto Time Delay Relay 50 * 40 * 57.5 ON - UP Operating

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48 ~ 85 %RH Multi Function Auto Time Delay Relay 50 * 40 * 57.5 ON - UP Operating

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48 ~ 85 %RH Multi Function Auto Time Delay Relay 50 * 40 * 57.5 ON - UP Operating




Time switch relay AH3 series time relay is used ASIC and professional manufacturing technology to produce innovative time relay, with small size, light weight, delay a wide range of anti-interference ability, long life characteristics to be suitable for a variety of demanding precision, high reliability, automation and control sites used for delay control.

Normal operating conditions and installation conditions
1, Use of the environment: the altitude not exceeding 2,000 m; around the attack is not higher than +40 ambient temperature and not lower than -5 ; supply voltage range of 85% -110% rated voltage; in the absence of severe shock and explosion medium risk and medium non-corrosive metal and undermine the insulation is sufficient gas and dust; in the absence of rain and snow in places;

2, Vertical or horizontal installation.

Technical features

1 Repeat error: less than 2.5%
2 Contact capacity: AC 250V, 1A
3 Operation Voltage: 36V, 110V, 127V, 220V, 380V, DC: 24V ;
4 Mechanical life: greater than or equal to 100 million times;
5 Electrical life: greater than or equal to 10 million times;
6 Power consumption: less than or equal to 1.5W;
7 Delaying precision <5%;

8 Delaying specification: 1s 5s 10s 30s 60s 120s 180s 10m


Product Dimensions




- Using CMOS IC lower power consumption high reliability and stability
- 20 different time ranges from 0.1 sec to 30 hrs available (Each time period specifications have 4 different time ranges ).
- Output Contacts rated 5A at 120/240 VAC and 30 VDC, resistive load.
- Socket mounted with a PF083A Socket
- On-Delay version
- Two LEDs provide status indication for ON-OFF operations





Full Timing Range:SEC:1,3,6,10,12,30,60 Min:3,6,10,12,30,60 HR:

Rated Voltage:DC(V):12,24 AC(V):12,24,110,220,240,380,50/60Hz

indicator Operating:ON-UP Operating

Ambient Temperature:-10℃~+55℃



Output Contact -Time Limit 1c


Mechanical:5*10^6 times    Electrical:10^5 times

Accuracy-Repeat Error

±1% max

Accuracy-Setting Error


Accuracy-Voltage Error


Accuracy-Temp Error

±2% max

Reset Time

0.1 sec max

Consumed Power


Ambient Temperature


Ambient Humidity





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