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Ultrasonic Mixed Transducer/Emulsification/Catalysis 100W-1000W for ultrasonic processor lab used

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Ultrasonic Mixed Transducer/Emulsification/Catalysis 100W-1000W for ultrasonic processor lab used

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Waterproof Ultrasonic Welding Transducer , Ultrasonic Transducer Welding Nonwoven Bag

ultrasonic mixed transducer/Emulsification/catalysis

I. Introduction

The ultrasonic power supply generates high frequency electrical signals, which is applied to the piezoelectric crystals within the converter, where it is changed to mechanical vibrations. The longitudinal vibrations are amplified by the probe and transmitted to the cleaning liquids, which consist of alternate compressions and rarefactions. These pressure fluctuations create micro bubbles, which expand during the negative pressure excursions, and implode violently during the positive excursions. As the bubbles collapse, millions of shock waves, extreme in pressures and temperatures are generated at the implosion sites. These of the high pressure and temperature can be effectively used to obtain cleaning results.
The ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be applied to electronic components, silicon of the semiconductor, electronic board, optical lenses, audio magnetic head, electronic device, camera device, communication equipment, medical equipment, medical operation device, glass device, fine mechanical components, Biology HPLC, physics, chemistry, and medicine.
II. Features

1. Precise and convenient digital displaying and controlling.
2. Digital display can show you the output power directly.
3. Output amplitude can be adjusted from 0% to 100%.
4. Two options available: Interval pulse modulate & constant output.
5. Pulse width and interval time can be separately set.
6. Its timer controlled and can switch off automatically when the set time is run off. You can turn it off when necessary.
7. Various kinds of converter are available.


TypePower (w)Output AmplitudeAvailable Converter
ARS-100UP1001/8″3/16″1/4″100ul~80ml 1%~99%
ARS-150UP1501/8″3/16″1/4″100ul~100ml 1%~99%
ARS-250UP2501/8″3/16″1/4″100ul~200ml 1%~99%
ARS-500UP5001/8″3/16″1/4″1/2″250ul~500ml 1%~99%
ARS-800UP8001/8″3/16″1/4″1/2″3/4″250ul~800ml 1%~99%


Energy fusion ultrasonic transducer 20khz for welding machine and Medical

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