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Solids Electronic Digital Density Meter / Density Testing Equipment For Rubber And Plastic

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Solids Electronic Digital Density Meter / Density Testing Equipment For Rubber And Plastic

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong
Categories Testing Equipment

Product Details


NEW Design Solids Electronic Digital Density Meter , Density Testing Equipment , Instrument to Test Density





Rubber,plastic,tire,shoe materials,wire and cable,electrical apparatus,packing materials,sports goods,sports equipment,glass,hard alloy,metal,powder metallurgy,magnetic materials,fireproof materials,mineral and stone,new materials laboratory.,etc.





In accordance with ASTM D792,ASTM D297,GB/T1033,GB/T2951,GB/T3850,GB/T533,HG4-1468,JIS K6268,ISO 2781,ISO 1183,GB/T9867,DIN-53516,ISO-4649,GB/T168,GB/T1689.,etc.

These series instrument is the dramatic updating and upgrading products.Compared with other competing products,it has been made much progress on reliability;Eliminated the problem:machine crash,button failure,suspension wire bend,the easy touch between nacelle and container,fragile slot;Improved measurement resolution,simplified operation procedure,and upgraded application function for software.which makes these machine very popular among lots of customers.


Measuring Type:


(1)All kinds of alloy materials,hard alloy,precious metal materials,motor vehicle parts,aerosb pace parts,metal seal parts,powder metallurgy,ceramic,magnetic materials.

(2)All kinds of rubber,plastic,plates,sheets,tubing,wire,bar,seal ring,silica gel,high-molecular polymer.

(3)All kinds of granule of rubber,plastic,PP,PE,PVC,PC;nylon resin,engineering plastic,general purpose plastic,reinforced plastic.

(4)All kinds of shoe sole materials,ball products,helmet,EPO materials,EVA materials,PU materials,elastomer.

(5)All kinds of thin film;film of PET,PE,PS,PVC,graphite.

(6)All kinds of viscous,colloid,glass glue,protective glue,curing adhesive,body skin creme,cosmetic,toothpaste.

(7)All kinds of rock,gem,diamond,jade,emerald,fossil,shell,cultural relic.

(8)All kinds of metal powder,rubber powder,plastic powder,cement powder,and additive.

(9)All kinds of crop,potato,corn,unhusked rice.




(1)Solid samples with any shape can be measured.such as granule,thin film,floating,foaming,powder.,etc.

(2)No cap design,more better easy operation.

(3)Excellent weight precision.

(4)Function of 10 group data storage.and automatical measuring value of average,maximum,and minimum.

(5)Measuring volume,percentage of volume.

(6)Either density is less than one or more than one can be measured.

(7)Function of automatic zero tracking,buzzer warning,and overload warning.

(8)Function of actual water temperature compensation.would adapt to the changing testing environment

(9)Either water or other liquid could be as medium.

(10)Adopt completed injection moulding high capacity transparent PC sink.(length15.3cmXwidth10.7cmXheight9.3cm)

(11)Adopt completed injection moulding windproof dustproof cover;Convenient configuration;Better durability.

(12)Density of liquid can be measured by choosing liquid measurement accessories.

(13) Including RS-232 interface;It's convenient to connect PC and printer;AU-40 could be available to print result.

(14) Gross weight/size:4.5kg/length42.5cm X width17.5cm X height32.5cm

(15)Power supply:Europe standard AC100V-240V;50HZ/60HZ


Measurement resolution:


(1)The density resolution for AU-300S,AU-600S,AU-900S,AU-1200S:0.001g/cm3

(2)The density resolution for AU-120S,AU-200S:0.0001g/cm3


Measuring Procedure:


(1)Place sample on testing board to measure weight in air;press ENTER key to memory.
(2)Place the sample into water;density value will be displayed(No need to press ENTER key)



Anti-counterfeiting Announcement:


The bad and good products is intermingled on market today.Most customers had suffered a lot from the brand replacement products,shell brand products,simulation products,and transferring after-sale service products.To protect your rights,please identify seriously when choose goods.Following is the method to distinguish QUARRZ brand product.

  • Method one:Start up,machine will display in sequence:brand,model(such as QUARRZ,AU-300S)
  • Method two:After starting up,press ZERO button and B button at the same time,the machine will display in sequence:brand:model,factory number.of which information correspond to the one marked on machine.
  • Method three:Check security code that generate automatically by machine number.

Technical Specification:


Standard deviation0.005g0.005g0.01g0.01g0.001g0.001g
Densityresolution0.001 g/cm30.0001 g/cm3
Measuring boardABS injection molding

Aluminum alloy

die-casting molding

RangeEither density is more than one or less than one can be meastured
Measturement typeAny shape of solids
Result displayDensity,volume,percentage,average value,maximum value,and minimum value
Measturement principleArchimedes buoyancy method
Measturement timeAbout 5 seconds

The method of

opening cap

Rapid unimpeded no lifting cap design
SinkPC completed high capacity transparent PC sink(Size:length15.3 cm X width 10.7 cm X height9.3cm)
Measturement procedure

Place sample on test board, then press ENTER button to memory.

Place the sample into water,density value is displayed.

Parameter settingWater temperature setting,measuring medium density setting,primary materials and secondary materials setting,air density setting,suspension wire buoyancy deviation setting
Data statisticsFunction of 10 group data storage;Automatically display average value,maximum value,and minimum value according to data storage.
Liquid measuringChoose liquid measuring accessories
Calibration methodSingle button calibration,automatically testing
Standard accessories

host,sink,measuring board,tweezers,thermometer,weight,windproof dustproof

shield,one set of measuring granule accessories,one set of measuring floating accessories,power transformer

Data interfaceStandard RS-232 interface
Optional accessoriesAU-40 printer,data connecting wire
PowerAC100V - 240V 50HZ/60HZ (Europe standard)
Gross weight/Packing size4.5kg/Length 42.5 cm X width 17.5 cm X height 32.5cm
Our Advantages:

AU solids details NEW

As leading manufacturer of density meter based in China.HongTuo Instrument can 100% guarantee good quality to every customer:

(1)Adopt advanced HBM sensor.
(2)Adopt completed testing board and unobstructed without lifting lid design,more simpler operation,also makes the measuring result more reliable.
(3)Two procedure; No need to bundle samples.It is convenient for multiple testing.
(4)No stains or scratches will be left on samples after tested
(5)Multi-function as gram scale.
(6)Upgrade circuit board;make the testing result more stable and reliable.
(7)Testing frame has been improved;more larger measuring space.
(8)Equiped with windproof cover.
(9)Function of 10 group data storage.automatic measuring value of average,maximum,minimum.
(10)For solids density meter,can choose liquid accessories,can be used as liquid density meter.
(11)OEM custom service provided.

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