Cummins Engine Perkins Diesel Generator Set 100 Kva Generator 50Hz 380V / 400V

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Cummins Engine Perkins Diesel Generator Set 100 Kva Generator 50Hz 380V / 400V

Country/Region china
City & Province wuxi jiangsu
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Product Details

 Open Type Diesel Generator set with Cummins engine, 50Hz 380V / 400V


Genset Construction - All our gensets are built with original diesel engines coupled to a brushless alternator mounted onto a steel base frame with channel supports on anti-vibrating rubber mountings. The fuel tank is fabricated of mild steel and is incorporated into the base frame. The size of the tank is dependent on the size of the generator.



Cummins Models: 

Genset Model Engine Model  Prime PowerAlternator
KWKVAWattek Stamford
GP C184B3.9-G/241823WHI184E/18PI144E/20
GP C22-14B3.9-G/242228WHI184F/22PI 144G/24
GP C22-24B3.9-G2/242228WHI184F/22PI 144G/24
GP C30-14BT3.9-G1/363038WH184H/30PI 144J/32
GP C30-24BT3.9-G2/363038WH184H/30PI 144J/32
GP C344BT3.9-G2/363443WHI224C/34PI 144K/34
GP C404BTA3.9-G2/504050WHI224D/40UCI224D/40
GP C454BTA3.9-G2/504556WHI224E/50UCI224E/48
GP C50-14BTA3.9-G2/505063WHI224E/50UCI224E/48
GP C50-24BTA3.9-G2/585063WHI224E/50UCI224E/48
GP C604BTA3.9-G11/706075WHI224F/60UCI224F/58
GP C70-16BT5.9-G1/867088WHI224G/70UCI224G/68
GP C70-26BT5.9-G2/867088WHI224G/70UCI224G/68
GP C75-16BT5.9-G1/867594WHI224H/75UCI274C/80
GP C75-26BT5.9-G2/867594WHI224H/75UCI274C/80
GP C80-16BT5.9-G1/8680100WHI274C/80UCI274C/80
GP C80-26BT5.9-G2/8680100WHI274C/80UCI274C/80
GP C906BTA5.9-G2/10690113WHI274D/90UCI274D/96
GP C1006BTAA5.9-G2/120100125WHI274ES/100UCI274D/96
GP C1286BTAA5.9-G12/140128160WHI274F/128UCI274F/128
GP C144-16CTA8.3-G1/163144180WHI274G/150UCI274G/145
GP C144-26CTA8.3-G2/163144180WHI274G/150UCI274G/145
GP C1606CTAA8.3G2/183160200WHI274H/160UCI274H/160
GP C1806LTAA8.9-G2/220180225WHI274J/180UCDI274J/184
GP C200-16LTAA8.9-G3/230200250WHI274K/200UCDI274K/200
GP C300-16ZTAA13-G3/340300375WHI 4F/300HCI444FS/304
GP C3506ZTAA13-G2/390350438WHI 5C/360HCI544C/400
GP C360-16ZTAA13-G4/400360450WHI 5C/360HCI544C/400
GP C400-1QSZ13-G3/ 450400500WHI 5D/400HCI544C/400
GP C200-2NT855-GA/234200250WHI274K/200UCDI274K/200
GP C250MTA11-G3/284250313WHI 4DC/250HCI444ES/260
GP C280NTA855-G2A/313280350WHI 4E/280HCI444E/280
GP C300-2NTA855-G7/343300375WHI 4FS/304HCI444FS/304
GP C320NTAA855-G7A/370320400WHI 4F/320HCI444F/320
GP C360-2KTA19-G3/403360450WHI 5C/360HCI544C/400
GP C400-2KTA19-G3A/ 448400500WHI 5D/400HCI544C/400
GP C400-3KTA19-G4/ 448400500WHI 5D/400HCI544C/400
GP C450KTAA19-G5/ 470450563WHI 5ES/450HCI544D/440
GP C470KTAA19-G6/570SB470588WHI 5E/480HCI544E/488
GP C480KTA19-G8/523480600WHI 5E/480HCI544E/488
GP C500KTAA19-G6A/527500625WHI 5FS/500HCI544FS/500
GP C520QSKTAA19-G3/574520650WHI 5F/536HCI544F/536
GP C600KTA38-G2/664600750WHI 6B/600LV634B/600
GP C640KTA38-G2 B/711640800WHI 6C/640HCI634G/640
GP C730KTA38-G2 A/813730913WHI 6D/728HCI634H/752
GP C800KTA38-G5/8808001000WHI 6E/800HCI634J/824
GP C900KTA38-G9/9909001125WHI 6F/900HCI634K/908
GP C1000KTA50-G3/108710001250WHI 6G/1000LV634G/1001
GP C1100KTA50-G8/120011001375WHI 7B/1120PI734B/1120
GP C1200KTA50-GS8/128712001500WHI 7C/1240PI734C/1240


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Control system includes:
1. automatic cutter which is suitable for the generator power
2. Turn on key
3. A device to measure the generators speed
4. Counter for measuring the Operating hours
5. Device to measure the current overload with a switched current
6. A device to measure the battery voltage
7. Voltmeter with a voltage exchanger
8. A device to measure the frequency
9. Thermostat to regulate the voltage
10. A device to measure the oil pressure
11. Alerting lamps indicating low and high temperature
12. Controller of the current increase and short circuit
13. Emergency stop button


Standard Supply Scope:

  • Advanced design and excellent processed: The engine with strong power, can adapt to any condition, such as high strength and heavy load.
  • Integrated design: The cylinder block and head are designed as multi-funtional parts so that the number of the partshas reduced 40% compare with competitive engines. The failure rate has markedly reduced.
  • Generator set included: Diesel Engine, Brushless Alternator, Radiator, self-starting control panel, circuit breaker panel, Vibration damping pads, Hi-strength base frame .
  • Accessories Included: industrial type silencer, flexible bellow, Elbow and Flanges, Starting Battery & battery charger, Battery switch with cables
  • Documents included: manual book, product qualified card



Our Factory :



Our advantages :

  1. Each engine shall be tested at manufacturer’s workshop to certify the engine output according to present standard and fuel consumption in accordance with the site operating condition specified by purchaser on the specification datasheet.
  2. All relevant information drawings pertinent to the testing and test procedure shall be transmitted to the purchaser in advance of the test date notification.
  3. All accompanied documents are corresponding to the actual situation of generators, including the Qualified Certificate, Parameters and the Performance Index.

1) Guarantee Period: One year or 1000 running hours whichever comes first. 
2) During the guarantee period, the spare-parts will be sent through your shipping agency in China. 
3) Spare-parts can also be sent by air express.
4) 24 hours service hotline is available for customers. 
Our Service :
1. If you are interested in our products we sincerely invite you to take a visit of our factory when you are in China. We can drive to pick you up and visit our factory.
2. Suggest the best choice or referential suggestion based on customers’ information. Answer all questions about the product from customer.
3. Build customers’ profiles, follow-up service, make regular calls on customers.




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