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Henan Deyirui Innovational Materials Co.,Ltd.

Henan Deyirui Innovational Materials Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Henan Deyirui Innovational Materials Co.,Ltd. (named Deyirui in the following introduction) was set up in 2019. It is located in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, which is a traditional place and used to be the ancient capital of eight dynasties in Chinese history. It is also well-known around the world as North Water City. 

Deyirui business scope ranges from new dyes’ R&D, production and sales.

Our main products are disperse dyes, solvent dyes and medical intermediates. Disperse yellow 54/ solvent yellow 114 are mainly used for dyeing and printing on Polyester, Nylon, Acetate polyester/wool blends. It can also be used for polyester fiber dyeing and printing ink, plastic, candlescoloring and so on. It is an organic pigment and an efficient, safe, environmentally friendly Dye. It is our star product and wins high appreciation from customers and is highly recommended in many fields.

According to internal R&D, we applied our own technology on disperse yellow 54(solvent yellow 114)’s production. Compared to the traditional production process, our technology owns obvious advantages on strong process safety. Related wastes are reduced and are easier to handle. It not only improves our product quality, but also lowers costs of raw materials, which supports our product chain extension. 

Our Phase II target is to improve our capacity. The annual capacity of disperse yellow 54(solvent yellow 114) is expected to improve from 300 tons to 1500 tons, and Ambroxol hydrochloride would be 600 tons and disperse yellow 64(solvent yellow 176) would be 300 tons. These plans are estimated to be completed before middle of 2022. Our annual revenue will exceed ¥500 million once we reach this target, and we will greatly improve the ability of order delivery.

We pay attention to natural environment and ensure safety in production, that’s why our safety and environmental protection procedures are complete. Deyirui invested over ¥12 million to install lots of advanced facilities to deal with waste gases , waste water and solid waste disposal to meet the pollutant discharge standards.

Vision and Mission:  Provide professional services and build a professional brand by mastering professional techniques.

Core values:  DedicationIntegrityInnovationDevelopment.

Marketing Concept:  Serve and grow with customers.

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Company info

Company Name: Henan Deyirui Innovational Materials Co.,Ltd.
Country: China
Website: http://www.deyirui.cn/