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Smart PDLC Film

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Smart PDLC Film

Country/Region China
Categories Shrink Film

Product Details

Wecall Smart Film PDLC Film as Smart Glass Film, Switchable SmartFilm, Privacy Glass Film, PDLC Film , Magic Glass Film , ElectronicFilm, Switchable Transparent Film etc ...

We offer 2 kinds of Smart PDLC Film:

1. Self-adhesive Smart PDLC FILM

2. Non-adhesive Common Smart PDLC FILM

NOTE: size: max 1.5m (widh) *3m (length)for one piece for one roll we have 1.2m *30m or 1.4m*30m or 1.5m * 30m for Self-adhesive Smart PDLC FILM, and 1.2m *30m or 1.4m*30m or 1.8m*30m forNon-adhesive Common Smart PDLC FILM .

Smart film feature:

1. Switch on, transparent; switch off, opaque, which achieves the double requirements of daylighting and privacy.
2. Safety: the fragments will be stick on the film when the glass is crushed. That glass fragments hurt people will never happen
3. Environmental protection: above 90% infrared and 98% UV can be shielded.
4. Anti-aging, anti-fade.
5. Sound insulation: 2 to 3 time of ordinary glass

6. when off state, can as rear projection film to use.

SmartLC Film(Liquid Crystal Film) consists of two PET films and one PDLClayer. While voltage is brought to the two PET films, the smart LC filmwill turn from opaque state to transparent.
Theworking principle of smart LC film is illustrated in below. With thefilm is "off", the disordered orientation arrangement of liquidcrystals leads to the mismatch of micro refractive index andcause strong light scattering(during which the appearance of asmart film is opaque and in ivory white); while proper voltage isadded to the film, the electric field makes the liquid crystalarrange in order. The micro refractive index in a compositematerial is widely distributed. Light scattering is hightly
restrained(during which the film is in transparent state).
Smart LCfilm consist of two layers of ITO film sandwiched with PDLClayer. Through the applied power control, the smart LCfilm canquick change in astate between clear and opaque.
The pictures above are principle drawing of smart LC film. When the power of smart LC film isturned off ( "OFF"state),theliquidcrystal turn into scattering position and themicro reflective index of material is mismatch, resulting in the strong scattering effect; this moment
the smart LC film is opaque. When the power is applied to the film, the liquid
crystal lines up and the reflective index tend to same, then the scattering is sharply depressed,for this time the film turn opaque to clear.


Apparent Quality:

Theappearance of Smart LC Film must reach uniform color, haze and lighttransmittance. Two ITO film layer should splice strongly withoutstripping; no crease, black spot or slippage on the surface of film; novisible impurity, not removed visible adhesive, Foreign matters,eutectic spots, scratch, etc. Accumulated allowance should meetrequirements showed in the table below.

Intensiveexistenceappear 4 or more than 4 defects, and their spacingis less than 200mm, which is regarded as Intensive existence.
Whentesting, the light intensity of the front and back side of smart LCfilm should keep between 300 and 500lux; the distance from smart LCfilm to the inspector's eyes should more than 1m, line ofsight perpendicular to the surface of the smart LC film.
Optical Performance
Theworking voltage of DEFI Smart LC Film is 70V(50Hz). The film becometransparent by applying power (ON state) and opaque (matte effect)when power off (OFF state). Detailed specification showed in thetable below.

Weather-proof Performance:

Features of DEFI Smart LC Film

DEFISmart LC Film adopt unique liquid crystal formula, make thenew liquid crystal materials dhesive on the high quality flexibleconductive film-ITO film. Excellent optical performance, Highon&off contrast, Low power consumption and widely application. Advantages of DEFI Smart LC filmas below
1. Excellent optical Performace
When the smart film is in "off" state, the haze is over 90% while in on state, the ransmittance is over76%. The film is with outst

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