PVC Car Body Sticker QC-114F / Corlorful Water Proof Car Decoration

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PVC Car Body Sticker QC-114F / Corlorful Water Proof Car Decoration

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Product Details

All our car body stickers are made of car using durable and water proof PVC which comes from the top PVC brand company-RESPECT. The feature of Respect PVC is:

  1. The adopting of polymer additives enables the good ductility and durability of the PVC and this guarantees the non distortion when pasting,
  2. Super strong water-proof ability of the PVC and the color won’t fade in 5 years outdoor.
  3. Imported high solvent glue through sophisticated coating technology, so even if remove the sticker from the car, there won’t be any glue or residues left.
  4. Long-term stability of the material.

There are two different kinds of materials of our PVC car body sticker: normal non-reflective one and reflective one. The reflective material has the decoration and warning function and also won’t fade in 5 years. No matter reflective and non-reflective, these car body stickers can decorate all types of cars and hundreds of designs and sizes are available.


Material: environment-friendly PVC &ink 
Size: customized size or various size is ok 

Color: Customized color or the default color

Printing: UV offset printing
Usage: advertising or car decoration

Packing: individual carton tube

100% qualtiy guaranteed


  • Installing ways:
  • Clean the car and keep it dry.
  • Make sue the place you are going to paste the car sticker.
  • Peel off the transfer film softly from the back paper and cover it on the car sticker.
  • When pasting, upraise the car sticker with one hand and screeding the part pasted onthe car body.
  • Using the some hard items such as bank card to press the sticker thoroughly until there is no bubble left in the sticker.
  • Remove the transfer film from the car sticker. No washing of the car in 24hrs or sun-exposure of the sticker is strongly recommended.
  • If the car body sticker has to be pasted on the crack in the door, just finish the pasting first and then using knife to cut it accordingly.
    • Kind Remind:
    • No car washing in 48hrs after the pasting.
    • If there is crimp or crease or if the temperature is low, better blow it with a hair drier first from a certain distance and then to paste.
    • No waxing one week before the pasting of the car sticker.

No pasting in rainy or cloudy weather.

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