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Spur Gear NEMA 17 Planetary Gearbox For Printing Equipment High Precision

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Spur Gear NEMA 17 Planetary Gearbox For Printing Equipment High Precision

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Universal Parts

Product Details

High Precision NEMA17 Planetary Gearbox for 3D Printer


Product Description:


1. Hybrid stepper motor
  (from size nema 8, nema 11, nema 14, nema 16, nema 17, nema 23, nema 24, nema 34, nema 42, nema 52)
2. Stepper drivers, controller board and power supply
3. Servo motor and driver
4. Spindle motor and other accessories
5. Brushless DC motor


Engraving machine, cutting plotter, textile machine, 3D printer, medical devices, stage lighting equipment, robot, CNC machine, music fountain, security surveillance and other industrial automatic equipment.

Planetary Gearbox:


SpecificationsFirst stageSecond stageThird stage
Gear ratio 3.71,5.1814,19,2751,71,100,139
Rated loadN.m1.834.8
Max loadN.m5.38.914
Rated input speedrpm300030003000
Max input speedrpm500050005000
Protection classIP656565
Lubrication grease(lifelong Lubrication)grease(lifelong Lubrication)grease(lifelong Lubrication)


Stepping Motor Specifications:


Step Angle
Voltage /Phase (V)Current /Phase
Resistance /Phase
Inductance Phase (mH)Holding Torque (kg.cm)Detent Torque (g.cm.Max)Rotor Inertia (g.cm²)Motor Length (mm)Lead Wires No.Motor Weight (kg)


Specifications and performances can be customized

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