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Product Information:SK900 metal detector (9 m Domestic deep)

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Product Information:SK900 metal detector (9 m Domestic deep)

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Product Information:SK900 metal detector (9 m Domestic deep)

Welcome new and old customers to visit our website, hebei science and technology is the first domestic large sail one batch of detector, the company from the early established has been committed toA metal detectorThe research and development and sales work.The company has a sound quality system and after-sales service, the company's research and development center has been updating the product quality and effect of ascension.

The current domestic small companies to copy with our company a similar product appearance, do some false information to cheat the trust of the customers, in order to increase sales of malicious depth and exaggerated instrument performance, severely disrupted the market order.Our commitment to provide you on the phone and QQ is the most accurate effect, let you choose to no longer difficult!

We introduce gt30 scanner and arv precise detector in China belongs to the most high-end products, welcome the masses of friends to the company test instrument.

Test equipment for the convenience of customers, our company bought 200 acres, between to corporate customers may conduct field testing, satisfied before payment.

Now our country free calls: 400-0311-178 consulting all can enjoy free maintenance service for 365 days, 24 hours to the guide, 20 days for free upgrade service quality, also can offer you some free detection techniques and methods.

SK900Underground metal detectorsIs the latest products, in 2015 adopted the high-tech technology and anti-interference recognition module, using the remote radar detection principle and the underground metal oxide after the echo signal of electromagnetic field generated by the second amplifier receives the principle, technology content and high practicability.Compared with other domestic similar products, SK900 metal detector has a deep detecting depth and precision positioning, strong resolution, energy conservation, environmental protection, long service life of equipment, etc.Can effectively eliminate the mineralization reaction, stable performance.Has identified gear, which can eliminate iron type of black metal, specifically detect brass and other non-ferrous metal.Its maximum depth detection can reach 3 meters.
Mainly used in:
Scrap metal recycling;
Detect buried underground metal cultural relic and the gold and silver treasures;
The archaeological and mining sector, the iron, prospecting research;
Telecom/power during the construction of the municipal departments such as probe positioning of the underground line pipe and cable etc.
The main technical parameters:
Maximum detection depth: 9 m
Mode of operation: to balance/recognition
The main vibration frequency, 455 KHZ
Signal frequency: 433 hz
Power consumption: 1 w
The machine adopts high quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, fish is full of power, single working hours after remission of the frequent replacement battery, late can greatly save the cost.Not yes, is the domestic other similar type has a very high cost performance.
Product standard configuration:
1, SK900 host 1

2, SK900 ground plate 2

3, 1 the extension rod

4,1 instruction manual

5, 1 pay monitor headphones

6,Ground plate fixed screw 1 to pay

7, instrument package a

8, scoop a

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