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Shenzhen D1-SMT Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd

Shenzhen D1-SMT Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd

About Us

Representative of Knowledge, science and technology, honor and wealth
Shenzhen D1-SMT Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2000, after nearly four years of development, it has became a leading manufacturer for SMT electronic equipments, R & D, production equipments, sales and after-sales. The formation of a new pattern of standardization, network, scale, brand management system is providing customers with one-stop service by D1-SMT.
Now we have 60 professional workers and engineers.In terms of technological innovation, we took a 30% annual net profit for the cooperation with the national institutions on the development of new technology in the field of SMT and others.
D1-SMT has been committed to continuously upgrade the electronics technology to solve the real production requirements from our customers. On the filed of customer satisfaction , quality and service., we are walking in the forefront of the industry. Our company's brand value and overall strength has been synchronized with the world.

Business purpose:
Innovation, and strive to provide customers with high standard service and 
achieve the common development of employees and company.
Put the product quality in the first place, pay more attention to improve  product 
quality and quality of staff, provide customers with first-class products.
Corporate Spirit:
Harmoniously  Forge ahead

Hot Products

Product Name: NS-800Ⅱ-RF, NS-1000Ⅱ-RFseries Features: Fully meet the requirements of lead-free ...
YV100XGP PCB L460×W440mm(Max)to L50×W50mm(Min) PCB 0.4mm to 3.0mm/0.65kg Max. PCB Right to left...
XP241 :0.43/CHIP 0.6/QFP :0201-150mm :0.1mm :40
CP642E :CP-642/CP-642E :0.09sec/parts :±0.1mm :70+70(8mm feeder) :0.6x0.3mm-19x32mm :3P/200~480V...
Yamaha YV100II -:~99 -:YV100II -:0.25sec/chip; 1.7sec/QFP -:Within+/-0.1mm/chip; +/-0.08mm/QFP -...
JUKE KE-740 1)0.03mm/() ±0.09mm/QFP() 2):(2) (: 0.34/) 3): Min 330×250 420×2023.5×110402BGA ...

Company info

Company Name: Shenzhen D1-SMT Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.d1-smt.com/