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High Precision Machined Plastic Parts , Corrosion Resistant Custom Plastic Parts

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Address: Unit B, 4 floor of Building 3, Xia Xin Tang, Xin Tang Village, Fu Cheng Sub-district, Shenzhen, China

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Shenzhen Quickmachine Technology Co., Ltd

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High Precision Machined Plastic Parts , Corrosion Resistant Custom Plastic Parts

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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Injections, molded parts, plastic injections, plastic inserts, brass inserts, machined plastics, plastic fittings


We manufactured those plastic parts molded and machined for Electronis, medicals, packaging, hardwares, etc.

What is Precision Micromachining?

Since the beginning of the Digital Revolution in the 1950s, a number of technological advancements have occurred in modern society. Companies like Owens Industries have played crucial parts in supplying micromachining services to establishments from every field of expertise, helping contribute to the further development of research and lifesaving technologies. Micromachining, in the traditional sense, is the precise milling and manufacturing of extremely small parts and products. These components can be cut down to one thousandth of a millimeter, helping make the production of tiny parts more efficient and realistic. Also known as micro/meso-scale mechanical manufacturing (M4 processes), micromachining creates products one by one, helping to establish consistency with dimensions between parts. If you want access to predictable and controlled turnaround times and quality surface finishes, contact Owens Industries today for more information regarding how micromachining can help save your company time and money.


Micromachining - a CNC Trend on the Rise

With the rise in computer capabilities, telecommunications, and the internet, the demand for micromachining services is growing in popularity across the world, the technology industry taking a special interest. If the device is not shrinking in size, the components making it work are continuously becoming smaller for better performance and higher efficiency. The latest music devices, phones, and computers are only a few examples of machines requiring micro components CNC machined to the highest precision possible. Advancements in the medical, fiber optic, and satellite industries are requiring Micromachining Companies across the world to improve their capabilities in precision.


Micro Cut Components for Every Industry

Numerous industries are eagerly following the trend of utilizing miniature parts in their product applications - including electronic tooling, medical parts, component energy-driven motors, fluidic circuits, and particle filters just to name a few. The extreme attention to detail, dedication to precision and high level of expertise garnered in our employees is what sets We apart from other machine shops, making our reputable services highly sought after across a multitude of industries, including:

  • Fiber Optics

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Oil & Gas

  • Tools & Dies

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