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Parallel Twin-screw Pelletizing Machine

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Parallel Twin-screw Pelletizing Machine

Country/Region China
City & Province Shanghai
Categories Plastic Extruders

Product Details

Shanghai CUMA Machinery & Equipment
CUMA-PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line
PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line uses a tandem extruder technology to produce fine-blocked cell-structured extruded Polystyrene foam sheet with high strength and a pearly and even surface, in a continuous roll, from Polystyrene injecting an eco-friendly blowing gas and additives.
CUMA-PS 120-150 for 4 Sheets
High Quality & Superior Output
SHANGHAI CUMA Machineryos Tandem Extruder, an integral component of the PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, consisting of a primary extruder which melts and intensively mixes Polystyrene with a blowing gas and other additives and a secondary extruder optimizes cooling and forwards the melt to the forming die enabling proper and maximum output.
SHANGHAI CUMA Machineryss unique Screw provides intensively mixing enabling the production of quality foam sheet with virtually any cell size, density, flexibility and surface texture.
SHANGHAI CUMA Machineryss Dies are engineered to high tolerances to specified process requirements as the other integral component of the PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, provides efficient processing and the flexibility to create the highest quality foam sheet to meet today's diversities of market demands.
From extruder to mandrel
Take up
Double winder forfour sheets
User-friendly Operating System
Automatic Temp. Control via PID Temp. Control or PLC controlled touch screen on customer's request.
Auto Cooling Systemed on the 2nd extruder with AL Cast heaters.
Hydraulic Screen Change System enabling a continual production even during changing screens.
A.C Motor & Variable Frequency Inverter Control System durable at any harsh factory environment.
Automatic cooling zone with AL cast heater
Hydraulic screen changer
PLC controlled Touch screen control panel
Safety Oriented Technology
Diaphragm type gas metering pump made by NIKISSO Japan can be attached on customer's request for nearby zero gas leakage.

Applicationgs :

PS foam board undergone second expansion via multi-layer bonding for Acoustic and Thermal insulation like wallpaper, carpet under-layer and sun roof board in the construction field to save huge of energy.
Due to its characteristic of easy vacuum thermal formability, PS foam sheet can be vacuum formed for disposable food containers like Tray of fruits, vegetables and fish, fast food take-out boxes, lunch box, egg box, bowls, table-wares and other various types of food containers.
PS foam sheet can be laminated with film or paper for Education materials, decorating objects, advertising board.
printable, foldable, embossable, moisture and water resistant, low steam and a

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