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GY-50-1 Portable Drilling Rig for soil sampling; spt equipment

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GY-50-1 Portable Drilling Rig for soil sampling; spt equipment

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GY-50-1 Portable Drilling Rig


GY-50-1 portable drilling rig is adopted with hydraulic pressure feeding structure; it can proceed rotary or percussion drilling, and can be moved by towing the trailer, and can be towing removal. The rig is widely used for geotechnical engineering drilling in field like construction of industrial and vicil buildings, roads, railways, bridges, dams as well as for geological prospecting work and blasting hole drilling


The drilling rig is applicable in plough layer, clay, sand seam, sand and stone seam, sand and boulder bed in Quaternary overburden layer. It can get tube sample in varied depth, and it can be used in core or borehole drilling

Technical figures



Basic Parameters

Drilling depth

50 m

Drilling diameter

130 mm

Drill pipe diameter

42 mm

Weight (without engine)

400 kg

Dimension (length * width * height)

1660 * 732 * 1170 mm

Rotary Table

Rotate speed

54, 140, 300 r / min

Maximum torque

350 N*m

Feeding travel

400 mm

Maximum cylinder feeding force

10,000 N

Maximum cylinder lifting force

30,000 N


Lifting capacity – singer rope, low speed

10,000 N

Bobbin line speed

0.14, 0.32, 0.46, 0.68, 1.17, 2.53 m/s

Bobbin diameter

100 mm

Rope diameter

9.3 mm

Rope capacity

18 m

Drilling tower




6 m




Rated powder

8.8 Kw


96 kg





Note: the trailer is limited to short – distance relocation, less than 10kg/h

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