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Technical innovation and product innovation is the major characteristics of Crown, as well as the ceaseless motivity of continuous development of Crown. In the past 25 years since the foundation of the company, the company always led the technical innovation in power tools industry of China. The Crown products were innovated every year and key technologies were broke through every year.

Several types of products of the company had obtained specialty recognition in Australia and Germany, where quality is the most important. Up to now, Crown products have obtained nearly 100 patents, among which there are about 10 practical new type patents, including Touch induction lighting circuit”, Power drill timing structure with axis lock”, Curve saw blade fixture equipment”, Power drill lubricating middle cover organ” and Power tools and automatic trip structure used for power tools” and so on.

Crown Power Tools” also has won the honorable title of Famous Brand in Zhejiang Province”

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Company Name: Zhejiang Gosail Trading CO.,LTD
Fax: 86-579-8919-9797
Country: China
Website: http://www.crown-gosail.com/