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Jinan Yuxin Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd

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YUXIN is famous high-end equipment manufacturer and service provider, we are in top rankings, especially in the field of craft beer equipment. We elaborately customize innovative-technology craft beer equipment in personalization for every brewer/winemaker. We are not only the leading craft beer equipment manufacturer, we know more about culture and unique process of craft beer, while respecting for tradition, we keep on carving and striving to make the products more useful, reliable, energy-saving, high-efficiency and beautiful, so that customers can get benefit from it.


We focus on stainless steel vessels and pay attention to high-end manufacturing and sincere service. Our stainless steel vessels have been widely applied in the following fields: craft beer, hard liquor, wine, dairy products, beverage and so on. We always attach importance on the customer-orientied research and development, you will be assured of the top levels of quality and professional service anytime.


Your perfect brewing is our passion!

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Company Name: Jinan Yuxin Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd
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