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CE certified francis turbine price for sale

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CE certified francis turbine price for sale

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CE certified francis turbine price for sale

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Francis turbine

Francis turbines can be designed for a wide range of heads and flows and are the most common water turbine in use today. The Francis turbine has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, low cost, high efficiency at full capacity (typically over 90%), stable in running, applicable to a wide range of water heads.

The Francis turbine is a type of reaction turbine, a category of turbine in which the working fluid comes to the turbine under immense pressure and the energy is extracted by the turbine blades from the working fluid. A Francis turbine consists of the following main parts: Spiral Casing, Guide or Stay Vanes, Runner Blades, Draft tube, etc..

Francis turbines are almost always mounted with the shaft vertical to keep water away from the attached generator and to facilitate installation and maintenance access to it and the turbine.

Wicket gates around the outside of the turbine's rotating runner adjust the water flow rate through the turbine for different water flow rates and power production rates.

In addition to electrical production, Francis turbines may also be used for pumped storage, where a reservoir is filled by the turbine (acting as a pump) driven by the generator acting as a large electrical motor during periods of low power demand, and then reversed and used to generate power during peak demand. These pump storage reservoirs, etc. act as large energy storage sources to store "excess" electrical energy in the form of water in elevated reservoirs. This is one of only a few ways that temporary excess electrical capacity can be stored for later utilization.



Technical Parameters

Hydro Turbine Generator units & Accessories with Unit Capacity 1 00KW- 1 00MW
Type of Hydro Turbine Generator Units: Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, Turgo, Tubular, Bulb etc.




FrancisKaplanPelton, TurgoTubular , Bulb
Rated head (m)10 - 300 m2 - 70 m80- 1600 m2 - 20 m
Rated flow (m 3 /s)0.3 - 1001.0 - 2000.1 - 201.0 - 250
Rated speed (rpm)68.2 – 1500 rpm68.2 – 750 rpm150 – 1500 rpm75 – 500 rpm
Rated output (KW)100KW-100MW100KW-100MW100KW-80MW200KW-60MW
Runner Diameter (M)0.4 – 6.0 m0.8 - 8.0 m0.8 - 6.0 m0.8 – 6.0 m
Rated Capacity (KW)100KW-100MW100KW-100MW100KW-80MW200KW-60MW
Rated output (KW)100KW-100MW100KW-100MW100KW-80MW200KW-60MW
Rated voltage(KV)0.4, 6.3, 6.6, 10.50.4, 6.3, 6.6,10.50.4, 6.3, 6.6, 10.50.4, 6.3, 6.6, 10.5
Rated speed68.2-1500rpm68.2-750rpm150-1500rpm75-500rpm





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Pelton turbine Tubular turbine Francis turbine


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Kaplan turbine Mini Hydro turbine Pelton Turbine Runner

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ItemProject NameCapacityScope &ServiceLocation
1Mancahuara I Hydropower Plant1x1.6MWHydro Turbine Generator Set &SupervisionPeru
2Georgia Hydropower Plant12MWPelton Runner &InstallationGeorgia
3Upper Madi Hydropower Plant2x12.5MWDesign, E&M Package, Installation and CommissioningNepal
4Arisu Hydrpower Plant2×1.6MW+1×800KWHydro Turbine Generator Set &SupervisionTurkey
5Dikshi Hydropower Plant3x200KW

E&M Package, Supervision and Commissioning


6Hidolena Hydropower Plant3×2.6MWHydro Turbine Generator Set &SupervisionChile
7HAVVA Hydropower Plant3x2.2MWE&M Package &InstallationTurkey
8Nicaragua Hydropower Plant2x1.7MWHydro Turbine Generator Set &SupervisionNicaragua
9Ecuador Hydropower Plant1x3MWPelton RunnerEcuador
10Tala Burn Hydrpower Plant1x2.4MWHydro Turbine Generator Set &InstallationNew Zeland
11Cehevers I &II Hydropower Plant2×4.54MW+2×3.45MWE&M Package &InstallationTurkey
12Adipasir 3 hydropower Plant1x320KWHydro Turbine Generator Set &SupervisionIndonesia
13Shah Delir Hydropower Plant1x1.5MWHydro Turbine Generator SetAfghanistan
14Kukdong II Hydropower Plant1x800KWHydro Turbine Generator Set &InstallationSouth Korea
15Russia Hydropower Plant1x1061KWHydro Turbine Generator Set &SupervisionRussia
16Ilungu Ward Hydropower Plant1x370KWSite Survey &Design, E&M Package, Installation and Commissioning, Supervision for Civil EngineeringTanzania
17Selishte Hydrpower Plant2x1000KWHydro Turbine Generator Set &SupervisionAlbania
18Misgar-II Hydropower Plant1x1000KWE&M Package, Supervision and CommissioningPakistan
19Barsuk Hydropower Plant3x1.7MWHydro Turbine Generator Set &SupervisionRussia
20WPDA, Ghanche District2.7MWGeneratorsPakistan










Q: How do you control the quality?
A: We have QC team comply with TQM,each step is in compliance to the standards. At the same time ,we will take photos and shoot video for you .

Q: What about lead or shipping time?
A: The lead time depends on quantity you ordered ,but generally within 3-6 months upon receipt of advance payment.

Q: Why should I choose your company?
A: We take customers's requirement as our mission,and take each details very carefully. We have about 24 years experience for electric power business. We try to support our customers always,including delievery time,price , pre-sale, after-sales, though We are not the best,but we are always to improve ourself and meet your needs.Choose us ,will don't make you disappointed.

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Until now, CSEC have been providing water turbine generator sets and accessories to Russia, Belarus, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, Turkey, New Zeland, D.R. Congo, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Philippines etc. Attached you see our brochure, pls kindly check for reference.Chongqing Savan Electromechanical Equipment Co.,LTD (CSEC) is specialized in businesses related with Hydro-electrical Power Projects. Since 2004, CSEC has established and maintained extensive techno-economic cooperation and business relationship with many countries and regions, gained reputable name from hydropower projects developers. Particularly, CSEC established joint-venture in Nepal and Belarus, and has long-time business partner or agent in Indonesia, Russia, Peru, Pakistan, etc.



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