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UKMS41 15ml-20ml-30ml Silver treatment of bottle, AS Cosmetic airless pump bottle

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UKMS41 15ml-20ml-30ml Silver treatment of bottle, AS Cosmetic airless pump bottle

Country/Region china
City & Province zhejiang
Categories Electronics Packaging

Product Details


UKMS41 15ml-20ml-30ml Silver treatment of bottle, AS Cosmetic


airless pump bottle




  1. Airless technology is best known for its ability to block out oxygen and keep the integrity of the formula

  2. The streamlined and sleek design makes this bottle the #1 choice for prestige and mass products alike

  3. Fully customizable for your cosmetic packaging needs

  4. Designed for proper dosage and smooth dispensing

  5. Allow complete emptying of products

  6. Ideal for luxury skin care product, serums and lotions

  7. Available in a variety of designs and finishes: silkscreen/hot stamp/labeled *This product requires your own testing & evaluation for functionality and capacity

  8. for this bottle, we can do lotion and spray two kinds pumps

1. The light is soft and smooth and smooth
2. Refined pump head design, high quality environmental protection, smooth flow
3. Vacuum flask can insulate the product and air from the bottle, effectively prevent the pollution, suitable for the product assembly
4. The product is luxurious and luxurious
Description of product packaging
1. Color: can do any color according to customer's requirement.
2. Craft: electroplate, perm, silk.
3. USES: for face mask, face cream, eye cream, frosty evening cream and so on.
4. Professional processing: customers can specify your unique product, we provide complete service from packaging design, mould making, production control transportation arrangement.
5. minimum order quantity:Negotiable
Standard for Product Quality
1. Make sure the color, the printing is perfect and firm, not fade, no words.
2. The lid bottle is well-matched and well airtight.
3. There are no visible scratches, scrapes, bubbles, black spots, impurities, dust. Use high quality raw materials.
4. The product has strict quality control in the production process, the production completes the inspection and the shipment.
5. The quality standard shall be carried out strictly according to the standard of packaging industry.

Product Description
  1. Perfect for any personal care, health and beauty product line
  2. Skin care treatment, Moisturizer, Serum, Cream, Cleanser, Serum etc. *Customize them to fit you brand image
  3. Available in a wide range of Colors, Silk-Screen printing, Hot Stamping, Labeling
MaterialCapacityODDosageAdvantageApplicationtotal height



Pump head external spring design, high quality products









Essence eye cream, lotion








Attractive appearance classic airless bottle 30ml,15ml-20ml-30ml AS Cosmetic bottleAttractive appearance classic airless bottle 30ml,15ml-20ml-30ml AS Cosmetic bottle


Why do you choose our company
1. attractive design
2. environmental protection material
3. professional customization
4. advanced technology
5. Processing customized
6. various specifications

About us
Our Quality Principle: Specialized in the serving Cosmetics/Personal Care industry
Constantly striving for perfection and seeking flawless enhancing quality and beautifying life.
Land Area:around:5000m²
Management Idea :Technology of continual innovation, satisfied quality for customers, stable and health management, stable life of staff, contribution of social prosperity.
Quality Promise:Respect system; qualify foremost, diligently implementation to satisfy customers.

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