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2 Ply Wrap Butyl Rubber Tape Butyl Rubber Adhesive For Water / Oil Pipes

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2 Ply Wrap Butyl Rubber Tape Butyl Rubber Adhesive For Water / Oil Pipes

Country/Region china
City & Province jining shandong

Product Details

2 ply wrap tapes Pe backing with butyl rubber adhesive used for water oil pipes


Quick Details:


1. Product name:2 ply wrap tapes Pe backing with butyl rubber adhesive used for water oil pipes

2. Coating system: Primer + black inner wrapping tape +white outer wrapping tape

3. Peel adhesion strength: more than 27 N/ cm

4. Tensile strength: more than 70 N/ cm


Description: The 2ply wrap tapes mainly consists of polyethylene film backing and the adhesive layer whose main component is butyl rubber. It is produced through extruding the composite anticorrosion materials. The adhesive layer is attached to the polyethylene film backing through thermal compounding. The anticorrosion system is comprised of primer, anticorrosion adhesive tape (inner tape) and protective tape (outer tape) or only primer and anticorrosion adhesive tape.


Other name :


2 ply wrap tapes also called pipe anticorrosion adhesive tape, pipe anticorrosion tape, polyethylene cold wrapping tape, composite polyethylene anticorrosion adhesive tape, etc. Featuring excellent insulativity, good anticorrosion effect, high mechanical strength, small water absorption, long service lifetime, good resistance to impact and ageing, the product can be used in the construction conveniently with safety and no pollution. It is widely applied in many areas with high efficiency.



mainly used for outer surface anti corrosion of the steel pipeline which is buried under the ground for petroleum transportation. It has been used as the external anticorrosion material for oil and gas steel pipeline for more than 40 years since 1960s. The merits of excellent property and convenient construction allow the product to play a very important role in the pipeline anticorrosion material system. With the continuous improvement in specification and quality of the product, the application range of the product is expanded largely and constantly.

Order information

Thickness15 mils (0.38 mm ) 20 mils (0.50 mm) 25 mils (0.635 mm) 30 mils (0.760 mm)35 mils (0.889 mm)40 mils (1.0 mm ) 50 mils (1.27 mm) 60 mils (1.50 mm) 65 mils (1.65 mm)
Length50 ft ( 15 m ) 100ft(30 M),200ft(60 M),400ft(120 M),800ft(240 M)
Width2’’(50mm),4’’(100mm),6’’(150mm),12’’(300 mm ) 17’(450mm),32’’(800mm)


XUNDA installment application instruction:

Prepare surfaces by removing all loose scale, rust or other foreign matter by grit blasting or wire brush. Surface must be clean, dry and free of grease.Apply thin film of Butyl Primer to all surfaces to be wrapped and allow to dry. Peel back interleaving and apply adhesive side of the tape to the surface and press down. Apply the tape spirally with enough tension to make it conform. Remove interleaving as wrapping proceeds. Overlap each turn by at least 1" or 55% to achieve double thickness.

Irregular surfaces such as valves, flanges, etc. may require the use of Mastic or Profiling Mastic.( we can supply it also ) Refer to the product sheets for these specific

products for information on application and selection.


Industries we served


-Oil, Gas and Water Transmission pipeline market


-Oil and Gas distribution and utility marketsNew pipeline construction markets


-Rehabilitation and Reconditioning market


-Offshore IndustryRefinery and Petrochemical Plant Industry


-Manufacture of Polyethylene coatings utilizing Butyl based elastomeric adhesives, Polyethylene films and liquid adhesives for corrosion protection of steel pipe.


-Provides corrosion protection with the inherent chemistry of Polyethylene and Butyl Adhesive for resistance to water and oxygen penetration. Oxygen and Water are prevented from reaching the metal substrate, which are necessary and sufficient conditions for corrosion.


-Manufacture of conventional and specialty Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polymeric Alloys and coating systems for pipe corrosion protection.


-Manufactures PE coatings systems for applications for New Pipe Construction and Rehabilitation and Reconditioning


XUNDA Tape Have other series tape, such as T 500, T 700 T 800 and so on



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