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Colored Direct Driven Air Compressor / Small Rotary Screw Air Compressor

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Colored Direct Driven Air Compressor / Small Rotary Screw Air Compressor

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Product Details

Colored Direct Driven Air Compressor / Small Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Direct Driven Air Compressor Highlights

·Imported engine satisfying Nationalll Emission Standard
·BAOSItwo stage high-efficiencyairend
·Low oil consumption,low noise level,low operation vibration
·Reliable Performance,Convenient maintenance
·Patented product design withan elegant appearance
The Product Design Concepts of High Efficiency And Energy Savings
Well-designed structure with anexcellentenergy saving effect(30% savings in oil consumption)
The practical strategy of the compressor reduces running cost The running cost accounts for 80% of total costs during the entire servicelifeof the dieselportablescrewcompressor. The reduced cost of diesel fuel plays a crucial role in the reduction of total cost.
During the compressor's service life.
Therefore, there exists growing userfocus on thereduction of compressor running cost.
Total Cost=Purchase Cost+Running Cost+Maintenance Cost
Direct Driven Air Compressor Applications:

·Municipal works
·Geological mineralexploration io
·Slope tamping and planting
Technical Parameters of Motor Driven Series(Two Stage Energy-Saving Type)

Model BD30-8IIBD37-8IIBD75-13IIBD75-8IIBD90-13IIBD90-8IIBD185-20II
Air EndBrand Baositwo stage
Discharge Pressurebar8813813820
Compressor Capacitym3/min671215151924
Motor PowerKW303775759090185
Discharge Temperature°C<120<120<120<120<120<120<120
Start MethodSoft StartSoft StartSoft StartSoft StartSoft StartSoft StartSoft StartSoft Start
Size of the Conne-ction Portinch2-G1 1/4n2-G1 1/4"1-G1n1-G2n1~G1n1~G2"1-Gr_1~G2"1-G1M1-G2n1-G1M1-G2n
Running SystemSpeed LimitManuallyManuallySingle Shaft with Two Wheels Speed Llmit20km/hFour Wheels 20km/h


1. Wide voltage start meets the starting environment of super lowvoltage.
2. The full range surpasses primary energy efficiency.

Technical Parameters of Diesel Driven Series (Two Stage Energy-Saving Type)

Model BC135-7IIBC185-7IIBC280-7II
Air EndBrandBaositwo stageBaositwo stageBaositwo stage
Discharge Pressurebar777
Compressor Capacitym3/min3.55.28
Diesel Engine CapacityL1.52.43.3
Emission StandardStandardNational IENational IDNational IQ
Diesel Engine Nomi-nal PowerKw/HP26.5/3636/4949/66.5
Diesel Engine Nomi-nal RMPrpm300022002000
Electrical System VoltageV121212
Diesel Tank VolumeL90100120
Cooling Water Temper-ature for Diesel Engine°C<110<110<110
Compressor Discharge Temperature°C<120<120<120
Size of the Connec-tion Portinch2-G3/4"3-G3/4"2<^/A' 1-G11/2"
Running SystemSpeed
Two Wheels Speed Limit 20km/h
NOTE: If the temperature of working condition is from -10°C 〜-30°C,it’snecessaryto adopt suitable lubricant oil for the engine and the compressor, or even a motor preheater.

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