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Energy Saving Industrial Portable Air Compressor / Silent Oil Free Air Compressor

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Energy Saving Industrial Portable Air Compressor / Silent Oil Free Air Compressor

Country/Region china
City & Province zhejiang
Categories Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Parts

Product Details

Energy Saving Industrial Portable Air Compressor / Silent Oil Free Air Compressor


Industrial Portable Air Compressor Introduction


The Industrial Portable Air Compressor is a type of dry rotating displacement compressor. The moving parts of the compressor are all made of self-lubricatingmaterial with which the compressor is able to work without any lubricant oil. As the compressed air does not contact with the lubricating oil, it has a high purity and will not contaminate the working environment and the facilities using air. The compressor can be widely used in the industries of grain and oil, food, medicine, cigarettes, aquaculture, mechanical metallurgy, petrochemicals, textile printing and dyeing, electronic instruments, transportation and telecom-
munications, scientific research institutes and uni-
versities which need high purification air sources, and is also suitable for general power source.


Industrial Portable Air Compressor Application


Spraying and painting

Precision spraying
Printing and binding
Smooth spraying and plating
Air filming


Electronics and meters

Air Dedusting
Meters and Other Equipment


Golf equipment

Air Cleaning
Ball Tip Decontamination
Course Management


Three eco-friendly characteristics

·Environment-friendly:contamination-free no lubricant oil needed for compression
·Mute environment protection:low noise-continuous movement of scrollwithout reciprocation
·Energy-saving:low electricity consumption -continuous movement of scroll without idle work


Management Of The Oil-free Scroll Compressor

Energy-saving Low electricity consumption

Multi Stage Digital Frequency Conversion Control Technology---Higher Precision Air Compression
·Easy Operation With Perspicuous Buttons
·Display Of All Working Information Like Pressure And Temperature
·Intellectual Multi-Air End,Stage-Classified,Energy-Saving Control
·Intellectual Multi-Air End Alternated Running Function


Industrial Portable Air Compressor Parameters


ModelPowerPressureCapacityOutlet sizeN.WLxWxHRemarks
 KWbarm3/min kgmm 
BW3-8M-C380.336Rp1/22161080x680x1200With 200L air tank
BW30-83083.2Rp1 1/210001550x1100x2203 

Baosi group reserves the right to update the catalog. The company continuously researches, improves and upgrades the products. Any technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.





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