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Two Stage Rotary Screw Gas Compressor , Skid Mounted Oil Injected Screw Compressor

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Two Stage Rotary Screw Gas Compressor , Skid Mounted Oil Injected Screw Compressor

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Two Stage Rotary Screw Gas Compressor , Skid Mounted Oil Injected Screw Compressor


Quick Detail:



2, MODEL: LGN130/2.8


4, POWER: 1200&800 kw

5, CAPACITY: 130m³/min







Flow of Gas-Liquid Piping System:


The flammable gas comes from the upstream flows into the compressor after purified by scrubber, and then mixed with injected coolant during the compression process, and the gas-liquid mixture will be discharged flows into the separator after compression and cooling. The separated flammable gas enters into downstream piping network as well as separated coolant re-injected into compressor internal, doing the closed circulation in this way.


Process of lubricant piping system:


Lubricating oil in lubrication oil tank pressurized into the main oil pipeline by lubricant pump, passing through the filter and the cooler entering the oil distributor before divided into several ways to the corresponding lubricating point of the compressor. Then flow back to the oil tank through oil return pipe, and the closed circulation is finished.





This type of screw compressor unit is specially designed for biogas booster and

Power generation etc.

This is biogas screw compressor, the gas is biogas, and it’s a case for distillery.

The byproducts such as vinasse left after brewing can be anaerobic fermented to biogas, which can be used for electricity generation. This compressor is professionally designed for recycling biogas, pressurize the biogas to meet the electricity generation of the downstream gas turbine. The unit effectively using the resources such as biogas, to solve the electricity problems of the group company , even can feed electricity into the state grid. It’s the important equipment in the typical "turning waste into treasure" project, and a new type screw compressor set meet the calling of the national "energy saving".



Specifications :


Suction Pressure4kPa(G)
Discharge Pressure2.8MPa(G)
Inlet Temp.≤40℃
Outlet Temp.≤95℃
Inject Medium46#Synthetic Oil(SHELL)
O.D. of Rotors

I stage:oil-injected gas air end BLG321 two in parallel

II stage:oil-injected gas air end BS17/17

Driven ModeMetal Flexible Laminated Coupling link to Gearing Box
Starting ModeDirectly Starting
Cooling SystemWater
LubricatingLubrication Pressure
Main Motor


First Stage:1120KW Second Stage:800KW

(10KV,3ph,50HZ dⅡBT4 IP55 F B3)

Motor Speed1490rpm
Control SystemPLC:Siemens-S7-300
Skid ModeMain/Second skid
Main Skid Meas. mm6000*2800*2600
Second Skid Meas.mm4500*2800*3300




Competitive advantages:


1. It’s a wet screw compressor, safe and reliable. It’s cooled by injected liquid to maintain a lower temperature in the compression chamber.

2. Compressor is acting continuously make the outlet pressure stable.

3.It has few wearing parts, reliable operation ,long service life and low maintenance cost.

4. High automation, the operators do not need professional training for a long time, and the unit can unattended operating.

5. Low vibration, the compressor can run steady with high speed, no foundation is realized.

6. Small size, light weight and small occupation area.

7. The effects of volume flow is almost free from the discharge pressure for the characteristics of gas forced transmission, keeping high efficiency in wide range. In circumstances of no changes of the compressor structure, it is suitable for many working conditions.

8. Baosi water-inject screw compressor is equipped with mechanical seal, to ensure the separation of gas-liquid system and lubricant oil system, so as to avoid the substances in the gas-liquid system entering the bearing lubrication oil system. Make sure the compressor running reliably.

9. Baosi screw compressor can be equipped with pre- and post processing system, making the operation more stable and make the compressed gas cleaner.




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